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Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Fashion Show

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Vogue - Fasion Show

Generally, a Fashion show is an event that designers organize to showcase or promote their upcoming clothing line or collection. The hunger for glamour is leading people to appreciate fashion shows even more than before.

The show of fashion came into the limelight in the mid-19th century. And till now, this occasion continuously imposes a broad impact upon the media and fashion lovers.

A fashion show does not only showcase the clothes from the fashion designer’s rack but can also exhibit accessories and the latest fashion trends call for this show to be organized every season, mainly in the summer, spring, or winter.

Image: Fashion Show.
Image: Fashion Show.

Different nations host a variety of fashion shows. Two world-famous fashion shows, which are also semiannual events, are Paris Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week. Other well-known events include MET Gala, Milan, London, and Berlin. In India, Fashion shows are getting their highest glamour on the red carpet of the audience’s minds. One of the most famous Indian fashion weeks is LAKME fashion week.

Credit: Limerick by Abirr n' Nanki
Credit: Limerick by Abirr n’ Nanki

One may find it surprising to know that there are six types of fashion shows. They are The formal runaway, The production, The informal, The designer, The charity, and The sponsored.

The most popular among these types is The formal runaway fashion show, which is broadly organized everywhere and is the most prevalent one. The runaway shows can have several unique styles, but it is also familiar as the Fashion parade. In this parade fashion, models will parade the items that various designers created.

One of the most expensive fashion shows is The production fashion show, which displays unique and current fashion trends, through original entertainment, lighting effects, scenery, and backgrounds in a live performance.

Image: Fashion Show
Image: Fashion Show

The informal fashion show mainly exhibits all the fashion elements in a not-so-formal manner. In addition, this show does not require unique staging components. We all are familiar with an exhibition that is the same as the designer, which allows the fashion houses to come and show their creativity.

A lot of people support charity fashion shows the most. In this show, some designers and other brands come to promote their products and talent. Different brands try to sell their products to the audience, and these companies guarantee that a few portions of the earnings from sales at this specific event will go to charity. The sponsored fashion show is something like a regular show.

Image: Vogue Charity Fashion Show
Image: Vogue Charity Fashion Show

In this particular fashion show, a sponsor organizes a show where the designers come and exhibit their talents. This type of show can be beneficial for designers to demonstrate their creativity to a greater audience. The show also assists in promoting their work. Themes of fashion shows depend on which style is opted for in the exhibition.

There are several fashion styles. Five of these types are listed below.

Street Style

This style represents the youth minds and their styles. In this style, the designer chooses the streets as the perfect place for the models to ramp. The designers try to use everyday wear, such as t-shirts, shirts, and skirts, in this fashion show in a way that no one has witnessed before.

Image: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images
Image: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images


Old wine always tastes better. If someone believes in this particular concept, then they can easily fall for this style. Vintage or Retro is a style that uses the theme of old age. It takes ideas far from the past. It focuses on the fashion of the 1980s or 1990s. Polka dots, victorian lace, wide collars, bold colors, mixed patterns, everything that highlights the not-so-current fact, are the main attraction of this show.

Image: Vintage Fasion Show Clothing
Image: Vintage Fasion Show Clothing


Bohemian or boho style is natural in its part. In this style, designers tend to use natural elements as a part of fashion as sea-shell jewelry, feather, fabric, junk jewelry, free-and flowing dresses.

Image: A look from Bohemian Fashion
Image: A look from Bohemian Fashion


Ethnic style refers to the traditional wear from a particular culture. Examples are Indian ethnic wear like sarees, lehenga cholis, or salwar suits. Fusion with Traditional-wear is also becoming famous, which brings uniqueness to the style. Hence, Indo-Western is an eye-snatching style that represents the fusion of Indian and Western.

Image: Ethnic Style
Image: Ethnic Style


If you are someone who is into the mysterious world or someone who breathes into the ideas of vampires. Then say hello to this particular style. Black and red are as bold as spooky, which is mainly the theme of the Gothic fashion style. So, A true goth must have the courage to wear something out of the box, like black lipstick and nails. Lots of tattoos and piercing also enhance the charm of this Black and Red mysterious style.

There are several other fashion styles, such as casual, artsy, sporty, and much more.

The actual purpose of the show lies in the designers’ idea to promote their clothing line, or it is a way to make any specific brand come to the vision of art and media. But one should also note that fashion shows are not only ways to promote fashion brands, but the designers’ creative ideas can also find their path for appreciation and praise.

A successful fashion show asks for the proper arrangements. One should have a reasonable idea about the fashion show and its purpose. The organizers must take care of the audience’s interest and should cater the show to their taste.


Fashion is nothing but attending a fashion show is like watching art walking lively. In this era of light-camera-action, where mechanisms take men by surprise, fashion shows are the true example of the arts’ surprising face.

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