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Understanding Curtain Styles Matching Your Room Vibes

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Understanding Curtain Styles Matching Your Room Vibes

The magic of curtains can transform a space’s look and feel. These flexible window decorations hold the power to beautify your living spaces. However, not all curtains are made the same. Only the appropriate curtains for the bedroom can help you feel the gentle caress of natural light. It can also satisfy your cravings for coziness. 

So, as you embark on your journey to adorn your spaces with curtains, remember that you are not just selecting window dressings. Instead, you are weaving emotions into your surroundings. But for this, you need to understand certain styles and remember the tips to choose the perfect curtains for your bedroom and more.

This article will talk about these things in detail. 

So, let’s get started!

Understanding Curtain Styles

Different areas of your house demand different atmospheres. Therefore, you should not think twice before matching the room’s vibes with your curtains.

But there is one problem. When you enter a market, you get overwhelmed by the number of curtain options. That’s where learnings from this section will come in handy. 

Pinch pleat curtains

These curtains have top-stitched pleats that are evenly spaced apart. Designers used to make them for formal situations. However, now curtain manufacturers tame them down for a more relaxed look.

Triple pleat curtains have a triple fold, whereas double pleat curtains have a double fold at the top to create a double pleat. Double pleats look good on patterned textiles because they prevent the pattern from being gathered into the fold.

These curtain styles go well in your office and living room. Living room curtains express the style statement of the house, and hence, these can be the best choice.

Source: Donna Rolfe Interiors

Box Pleated Curtains

Box-pleated drapes have bigger, more noticeable wrinkles than pinch-pleated drapes. Although this design is prevalent in classic homes, it can also be applied to create a more contemporary restroom.

Box pleat curtains have thick, inverted folds resembling boxes. When closed, they stack into exactly equal pleats and open to a smooth, level surface. You can mount this clean, unfussy look from the ceiling to provide the impression of height. For the illusion of a larger room, you can also hang the curtain from wall to wall.

These can be used as bedroom curtains, providing an illusion of a larger room. They will make your bedroom look larger than it is.

Source: Donna Rolfe Interiors

Pencil Pleat Curtains

The most straightforward style of pleated curtains is the pencil pleat style. They are sewn to the top of the curtain in small, vertical pleats. Although this look is frequently used in informal situations, it can also be done up for a more formal appearance.

Source: Donna Rolfe Interiors

Grommet Curtains

Curtains with grommets have eyelets stitched at the top of the curtain threaded through a rod. This design is suitable for contemporary homes and is very simple to hang.

These can go well as bedroom curtains or shower curtains as they are easy to hang. They also take the style statement of the room to another level.

Source: Linens and Hutch

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are thin fabrics that cover your windows. They soften the lighting in your house, and instantly inject flair into your interior design. You can have some seclusion with sheer curtains, which also work well for layered window treatments.

These kinds of curtains go well as kitchen curtains and living room curtains. The kitchen and living room are not where you would want privacy. Hence, these go perfectly with these spaces as they also light up them 

Source: Donna Rolfe Interiors

Top Tips For Choosing Curtains For The Bedroom And Other Rooms

Here is a guide for you that will help you select the perfect curtains for your house based on the rooms:

Living Room Curtains

In the living room, you can install attractive and functional drapes. You can choose a thick, opaque curtain to block light and noise. Alternatively, you might use a lighter, sheer curtain to let in some light and give the room a more airy sense. 

The curtains’ design must also match your living room’s general aesthetic. Curtains in contrasting colors with the walls or matching the sofa are usually preferred. Further, you can install automated curtains to add a modern touch.

Kitchen curtains

Select something that can be cleaned easily and is practical for the kitchen. You can choose a long curtain that will block heat and light. You can also select a short cafe curtain that will let you look out the window while cooking. 

The curtain’s design should be long-lasting and simple to maintain.

Bedroom curtains

For the bedroom, the curtains should be both blackout and functional. Blackout curtains block light and noise for a restful night’s sleep. 

Bedrooms are meant to provide you with rest, privacy, and calmness. Hence, the design of the curtains for the bedroom should be relaxing and inviting. Curtains with light colors are usually preferred for bedrooms.

Shower curtains

Every bathroom needs shower curtains. But they can also be a terrific way to give your room a little personality and character. Shower curtains come in various styles, so you may select one that suits your preferences and needs.

Vinyl, polyester, and fabric are the most common material for shower curtains. These curtains provide privacy. Hence, they should be opaque but not blackout. Hence, curtains of white or cream color are preferred for the shower area.


  • What are sheer curtains?

Lightweight and translucent curtains that let light through are called sheer curtains. Manufacturers make them from materials like polyester, voile, or linen. 

  • What is the point of sheer curtains?

Sheer curtains brighten the room by allowing natural light to enter and make it feel more spacious. They are best for living spaces as they are not opaque and let you see outside the window.

  • What are the perfect curtains for the bedroom?

Bedroom curtains provide privacy, block light, and go with the style of your bedroom. The best bedroom curtains are the ones that are dark colored, like maroon, violet, etc., reach the floor and block light (linen curtains).

  • What is the difference between pinch pleats and box pleats?

Pinch pleats are evenly spaced pleats stitched and pinched at the top. 

Box pleats are similar to pinch pleats, but the pleats are broader and more visible.

These are the perfect curtains for the living room. They take the style statement of your living room to another level.

  • What are the best curtains for the bedroom?

The best depends on your personal preferences and the style of your décor. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing curtains for your bedroom:

Light control: If you want to block out light completely, you will need blackout curtains. You can choose sheer curtains if you want to let in some light.

Privacy: If you are concerned about privacy, you will need curtains that reach the floor.

Function: Bedroom curtains can add warmth to the room. If you live in a cold climate, you can choose curtains made from a heavy fabric.


Curtains are important in adding value to your rooms apart from just aesthetics. You can choose from a wide variety of available items. Further, curtains do not just block light. These days, they are also used to brighten the space like sheer curtains do. You can pinch pleat curtains to add elegance to the area. Suitable curtains can enhance the overall aesthetic and comfort of your house. Choose suitable curtains for your rooms and level up your house’s style game.

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