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The Power of Social Media Influencers: Transforming Fashion Brands

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Influencer Marketing For Fashion Industry

Gone are the days when only celebrities used to be the face of brands, things have changed now! The digital world is now dominated by social media influencers, content creators, vloggers, and all. Now, the fashion industry and influencers are walking hand in hand. 

Well, do you know about the most renowned American brand Fashion Nova? It started small, but now it’s the most searched brand on Google. All credit to influencer marketing! Social media has made it from zero to hero. The surprising thing is, it is outperforming the most famous brands like H&M and Zara. 

Not only Fashion Nova, but influencer marketing has been a blessing for many brands out there. Excited to know how Influencer marketing works? What is it, and everything else about it?

Keep reading the blog, you’ll know! 

What Is Influencer Marketing In Fashion? 

Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing where businesses collaborate with social media influencers to promote and market their products. 

Most fashion brands collaborate with Instagram and YouTube influencers as these platforms have large users. Moreover, they do collaborations with the social media influencers because of their huge followers and influence on social platforms. 

The main purpose of this collaboration is to make the products of the brand reachable to the target audience.  All in all, this collaboration is for mutual benefit. Brands get the recognition they need and influencers get paid for what they do. Plus, they even get gifts, more followers, and a lot more. 

A good influencer marketing strategy offers various advantages to businesses. Also, it helps in achieving the sales target. 

But how does it work? What do brands get from influencer marketing? Fear not, we have written everything about the same in this blog. You only have to keep reading and you’ll know! 

How Businesses Can Benefit From Influencer Marketing?

Do you know, since 2019, the worldwide influencer marketing value has doubled to 16.4 billion USD as of 2022? With these statistics, we are sure that it will grow at a tremendous rate shortly!

Influencer marketing was there from the beginning. It’s just that this name entered the dictionary with the popularity of social media. Didn’t get it? Wait!

You see, years ago, people have always admired kings and queens for their vintage and classy fashion statements. They always looked for inspiration in their dressing style and tried to dress up like them.

Okay, that was a long time ago, but talking about the times when your parents were just your age, they used to admire the dressing style of celebrities. Also, they used to find fashion in the glossy sheets of magazines. Remember? You must have seen one too! 

To know about the trending searches on your favourite platform, you can read this blog: How To Find Trending Searches On Social Media: Instagram, TikTok, Facebook?

But now, as technology is evolving, things have changed! The promotion of fashion statements is not just limited to celebrities now. Social media icons, content creators, and vloggers all are coming into the picture. They have made everything else insignificant.

Now, fashion brands focus mainly on influencers for the marketing of their products. All because of their skills in displaying the products in an attractive and alluring way.

Influencers are now the talk of the town! This is how brands are benefitting from the influencers:

1. Understanding Audience In A Better Way

Brands can better understand their audience with the help of influencer marketing strategies. When the influencers market your products, customers drop some reviews and react to the campaigns. By analysing those comments and reviews, the brands can understand if the audience is liking their products or not. 

This will also assist the brands in making changes to the products as well as strategies to boost engagement.

2. Reaching Undiscovered Audience

A lot of diverse people follow influencers on social media. When you collaborate with these influencers, you reach an audience that you have not even targeted. This will assist the brand in getting more leads, boosting reach as well as engagement.

3. Increased Website Traffic

When an influencer posts about your product or service it reaches a large audience. If the prospective customer likes your product, then he/she might be willing to know more about it. 

For that, they visit your website and explore more about it. In turn, you will get more traffic on your website and more leads as well

4. Overpower Competitors

Yes, Influencer marketing strategies helps in gaining an edge over the rivals. The influencers fight hard to gain the attention of their audience. For that, they follow every possible unique strategy.  This way, the brands gain an edge over their competitors. 

What Influencer Marketing Strategies Are Used By Fashion Brands? 

To reach a wide audience, the brands use these strategies along with the Influencers. 

1. Parties & Events

You must have seen your favourite fashion influencers attending events and parties. Well, that’s part of their job! 

Most fashion brands launch parties and events to network and connect with people. They even invite influencers to come to the event, make content, and host parties. Also, they launch new products and make fashion influencers the face of their brand. 

This is a great way to promote fashion brands. 

2. Product Promotion

Instagram and YouTube are full of people promoting brands. You must have wondered how they afford to wear the latest clothes each time they post. Well, these are not their purchases. The brands offer them those products to market them.

Product promotions are becoming more and more popular these days! They’ve got all the hype! What brands do is, they send free products to the Influencers to promote their products. Also, they are allowed to shop online, create an outfit of their choice, and advertise it in the best possible way. 

This is the most used and most effective influencer marketing strategy used by the brands.

3. Affiliate links

This is also a good marketing tactic to promote your clothing brand. But how do affiliate links work? The influencers promote your brand and they can earn some commission if the sales come from their audience.

From blogs to vlogs, videos, and reels, affiliate marketing works everywhere. All that Influencers need to do is market that link.

This way, both brands, and influencers get benefitted.

4. Contests and Giveaways

The brands partner with influencers to give away their products. Also, they organise various contests and giveaways to promote and advertise their brand.

Influencer marketing is the real buzz these days! 

Every other influencer is promoting a brand and every brand is organising giveaways and contests to gain maximum attraction from customers.

5. Social Media Takeover

This is also a good option for the brands. When an influencer, celebrity, YouTube star, or blogger takes full control over the social media handles of the brand, it is called a social media takeover.

The marketing influencers get access to the social accounts of the brand. They manage the brand’s Instagram account to bring more and more fans to their social media account.

Do you remember when Tyler Oakley, a famous YouTuber, became the owner of Starbucks’ social media account? He shared his experience at Starbucks and interacted with a large number of audience members. This helped Starbucks gain more popularity and connections with the public.

These kinds of takeovers assist the brands in increasing engagement, expanding their reach, and generating more revenue.

That’s all! All these methods are very useful for brands to connect with their audiences.

6. Discount Codes

While watching a video of any influencer marketer, they say, use my coupon code to get an extra discount. Right? This is how the discount code works. There is a different discount code for each influencer. 

The discount code is a combination of the influencers’ initials plus some digits.  When users use their code to buy items, the users get discounts and influencers earn commission from the brand. 

This is indeed a great way to generate more sales and traffic to your website. Also, you can understand which influencer brings more traffic.

Tips To Implement A Successful Influencer Marketing Strategy for Fashion Brands

Developing a strong and successful marketing strategy is not a tough task. All you need to do is, remember the points which we have mentioned below.

1. Set Your Goals 

The first thing you need to do is, decide your goals and objectives. Because a perfect influencer marketing strategy is designed considering the goals of the brand. You need to be very clear about what you want from the Influencers, and what’s your end goal.

Goals and objectives are very important. Without them, you’ll be sailing in a boat with no sailor. You will not be able to build your Influencer marketing campaign without understanding the sole purpose of doing so. 

So, first things first, you should have a clear-cut goal in your mind.

2. Decide Your Target audience

To create a successful marketing campaign, you need to understand that deciding your target audience is very important. After deciding on your preferred platform, ensure that your target audience is on that platform. 

As a brand creating a campaign, you need to understand the interest of the audience, age range, and demographics you want to focus on. All in all, you should be very clear about the audience you want to attract.

3. Pick The Right Social Media Platforms

Deciding the right social media platform is equally important. The social media platform should be relevant to your brand. You cannot promote accessories, shoes, and clothes on LinkedIn. You can, but that’ll be irrelevant and you won’t get the attention you need. 

That’s the reason why picking up the correct platform is important.

4. Quality over Quantity, Always! 

What would you choose? An influencer with large followers and no influence on the public or an influencer with fewer followers but high influence on the public. The one with more influence on the public, right? 

That’s what choosing quality means! As a brand, you must collaborate with the influencers who leave an impact on the audience. 

How To Find Good Influencers For Your Brand?

Influencer marketing is trending nowadays. There are plenty of Influencers from all fields. So, we understand that deciding on an influencer for your brand is a tough task. But don’t bother much, we are here to assist you!

1. Pick The Correct Platform

First, you need to choose the correct platform to launch your influencer marketing campaign. Most of the influencer marketing strategies take place not on Facebook but on YouTube and Instagram. 

According to Statista, Instagram is the leading platform for implementing influencer marketing campaigns.

2. Search Influencers On That Platform 

After choosing the right platform, you want to find the right Influencers for your brand. For that, search using hashtags that describe your products the best. 

You need to find the influencers that go well with your brand.  Suppose, you sell sustainable clothes, try searching through #sustainablefashion. Then, a lot of videos will appear on the screen, you can approach the ones whose content you find the best.

3. Approach Them

When you approach social media Influencers for collaborating, remember that they are your customers first, then collaborating partners. So, make sure to treat them in a way you would treat your customers. 

Make sure to be friendly, patient, and polite with them. Let them know and understand the value of your brand and its products. Also, let them feel that you’re interested in their channel and you like their work.

4. Look For More Influencers

Having options is necessary when it comes to professional life. So, try to approach and look for more influencers to collaborate with! 

Network, connect, and try to speak to as many influencers as you can. Every YouTube icon, blogger, and influencer has their audience, and you aim to promote your clothing to as many audiences as possible. So, keep doing it and try to get at least 2-3 mentions from them each month.

Successful Influencer Marketing Examples

Many brands have started from scratch with Influencer marketing. Now they are the most renowned and successful brand in their respective fields. 

Though all the brands from big to small, each one is using influencer marketing to grow their business. But, here we are going to discuss some of the clothing brands that have implemented the most successful influencer marketing strategies.

1. Adidas

Adidas is the first company that comes to our mind when we think of gym and activewear.It is a popular brand making use of influencer marketing to drive sales. 

Adidas collaborated with quite a lot of Influencers such as Selena Gomez, Iga Wysocka, etc. They gained a lot through all these marketing strategies. Also, their hashtag got a lot of mentions, followers increased and they became a famous brand.

What’s the secret to achieving their sales target? It is their understanding of the focus audience.

Their focus audience is mostly youth. So they chose Instagram as a platform to do their influencer marketing. Instagram has around 1.28 billion users worldwide. With such a large number of users, it became easy for them to gain traction.

2. Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova is the most popular brand name when it comes to influencer marketing. It became a dominant eCommerce fashion brand and established its name in the market in no time.

All thanks to its influencer marketing strategies.

The secret behind the success of Fashion Nova lies in the fact that it understood its target audience and objectives. Then, the brand designed the marketing campaigns accordingly. Most importantly, the brand doesn’t just work with a single influencer, it works with many influencers out there. 

It is a brand that has worked with almost all celebrities and fashion bloggers including Cardi B, Amber Rose, Nicki Minaj, Kylie Jenner, and a lot more. 

They put so much effort into designing their influencer marketing strategies and treating their customers as potential influencers. Such that it’s not surprising they gained and reached 6 million followers in just three years.


ASOS is one of the best-known fashion brands! They have an exclusive collection of clothes at all prices. Because of this, they have a strong customer and social media influencer base. Their influencer is also promoting the brand on social media platforms.

Also, it uses an extra special personal marketing tool, known as ASOS insiders, which sets them apart from all the other brands.

All in all, its marketing strategies are good enough to attract more customers and generate more sales. 

To Sum Up…

Let’s call it a wrap! We are now at the end of our article on ” Influencer Marketing For Clothing Brands”.  Fashion brands are gaining a lot from social media influencers. 

Influencer marketing has a long to way! So, even if you have not yet started your influencer marketing campaigns, then you still have time. Set your goals, understand your audience, choose the right platform and influencers, and then you’re good to go to design a marketing strategy.

Just in case, you are confused about anything or any question is running in your mind. Then don’t hesitate to contact us! We would love to guide you!

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