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Carpet Rubber vs Traditional Carpet:  Making an Informed Decision   

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Carpet Rubber

Carpet rubber, also sometimes called rubber flooring, is fast becoming popular in today’s homes. It’s not only the architects and interior designers who are getting interested in rubber carpets but also the homeowners. Rubber is a one-of-a-kind eco-friendly flooring alternative. They can be made from recycled tires or latex rubber trees. 

Rubber has been with us long, but using rubber as flooring is relatively modern. You may have seen rubber floors at fitness centres, sports complexes, and other commercial and industrial centres. However, it is interesting that they are advancing to residential homes. More people are installing them in their bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms. 

If you are working on a project and need to decide which flooring to use – rubber or traditional carpet – let us help you make an informed decision. Traditional carpet flooring typically includes bamboo, carpet, cork, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and some others. 

Here are the reasons why rubber carpets are becoming popular:

  1. Rubber material is highly durable. They are long-lasting, water resistant, stain resistant, have a natural elasticity, and have a lifespan of 50 years, compared to traditional carpet that can last only between 10 and 20 years.
  2. Rubber flooring is cost-efficient. They cost way less than traditional flooring options like hardwood.
  3. Rubber flooring is easy to maintain. They do not require regular, professional cleaning, just water and a mop.
  4. Rubber can reduce noise – Due to its natural sound-proofing properties, homes with rubber flooring are generally quieter than those with concrete or hardwood flooring.
  5. Rubber floors are comfortable and cosy. They are soft underfoot, so you feel comfortable walking or standing on them. The thicker the rubber material, the softer it will be.
  6. Rubber can remain warm even during cold months. You will enjoy your time walking on a warm floor during winter.
  7. Rubber floors are safe and convenient. They have these natural slip-resistant properties that other carpet flooring do not have. Falling or slipping on hard surfaces can cause serious injuries. The cushioning will prevent you from getting injured when you trip on them.
  8. Rubber offers countless design options, which tells you that rubber isn’t necessarily dull. Really rubber flooring is readily becoming a go-to solution for residential flooring.

There they are – the characteristics of carpet rubber for your home. We are giving them to you so you can make an informed and intelligent decision. You can now decide whether you are an architect, an interior designer, or even a homeowner who wants the best flooring. 

There’s one thing that budget-conscious individuals should try to get flooring at a very low price. This is about the flooring clearance. This is a range of floors sold at discount prices; and includes discontinued styles, remnants, the last batch of items etc. They are sold at significantly low prices to make room for new stocks by clearing the warehouse. 

Clearance flooring is ideal for you if you want flooring on a budget. It allows you to transform your home with flooring of high quality at reduced prices. 

The term “clearance” does not signify low quality. It means the stock is limited, so they will not be around for long. If you are buying clearance flooring, make sure you make accurate measurements and buy a bit extra to cover the waste left over from cutting the floor. Remember, a particular style may be discontinued and unavailable in the coming days. 

Please call Burts for more information about rubber flooring and clearance flooring. Our customer service staff are known to pick up the phone at your first ring itself, and this is no exaggeration, but this is the buzz on the livewire, and we assure you that it’s 100% true.

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