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Inexpensive Flooring Trends:  Beauty On A Budget

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Inexpensive Flooring

Floorings can get worn out and outdated over time, and you would want to update them. It can significantly impact how your house looks, functions, and feels when done. However, new floorings can be incredibly expensive.

If you want some inexpensive flooring options for your home, you think outside the box, and you’ll find some ideas that will save you a lot of money and beautify your home. See the following list.

1. Laminate Flooring:

It is one of the least expensive flooring choices and is excellent for people with pets and children. Laminate is demanding, cheaper than hardwood, and available in many new, modern, on-trend designs.

2. Sheet Vinyl:

Vinyl sheeting is a really simple and inexpensive floor option. When installing this flooring material, make a template of the floor size and shape, and make sure the underlay is level.

3. Bamboo Flooring:

Its price and durability have made bamboo one of the most popular flooring choices. Bamboo is cheaper but looks similar to hardwood, is durable, and can withstand much abuse. It is also ideal for repurposing (or adapting for other uses).

4. Porcelain Tiles:

It is a carpet alternative and easy to tile, even if you could be better as a DIY person; you can finish laying the tiles in a day or one afternoon, depending on the room size. Without labour expenses, porcelain tile is one of the cheap flooring options.

5. Cork Flooring:

If you are concerned with the environment, cork flooring is for you. It is a natural and renewable product you can install using basic tools. It is easy to clean, quiet underfoot, and attractive. Cork flooring suits the basement, the kitchen, and even the offices.

6. Concrete:

Concrete has always been a part of a home, like, for example, flooring and countertops. It is a versatile option for flooring, as it can be used in modern designs and rustic farmhouses.

7. Carpet Squares:

These modular carpets are one of the cheapest floor ideas and are easy to install by simply laying the squares on the floor.  The adhesive strips and the heavy backing of the carpet squares will hold them in place. This option does not require a carpet pad.

8. Plywood Planks:

An affordable residential flooring material that can make for a stunning, one-of-a-kind floor. You can use it two ways:
(1) remove the existing flooring, refinish the plywood subfloor under, or
(2) install new plywood planks on top of an existing subfloor.

9. Peel and Stick Vinyl Tiles:

It is also one of the most inexpensive options in flooring that you can install yourself. Just be good at measurements and able to use a utility knife. It is a waterproof flooring.

10. Updating your Existing Floors:

If you already have wood floors, you can work on them by fixing and updating them, and you will only spend a little money on them. Decide whether your flooring needs a new polyurethane coat or must be completely refinished. If it has more extensive damage, it must be sanded, and stain and top coat must be applied.

Those are only some of the eco-friendly, affordable, and beautiful flooring options for different styles, so whether you want to give your floors a quick refresh, or you want to replace the entire flooring, or you’re constructing a new home, we’ve got you covered.  

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