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Use No Drill! Hang Curtains Without A Rod with Easy Tricks

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Curtains with no Rod

Hanging curtains without a rod might be a new concept for some homeowners other than making curtains for your living room yourself. It may be unique, but it is not new. Many individuals have been doing this to decorate their living rooms for various reasons.

Some of these are:

  • They are unwilling to damage the aesthetics of their living room.
  • The owner of their rented apartment does not allow them to drill a hole, and they want to hang curtains without drilling.
  • They live in a historic home that makes drilling impossible.
  • Curtain rods are expensive, and they want to maximize their savings, or
  • They want to try different hanging methods to experiment with various curtain styles.

No matter what the reason is, the problem remains. This article covers the answer to this question in detail.

So, let’s get started and build something out of the box!

1. Using Upholstery Tacks

Using upholstery tacks can be a creative way to add a unique touch to your window coverings.

These are not always practical. Sometimes they are merely there to offer color and texture. These are preferred when you do not need to open or shut them. Or you prefer the look drawn with a curtain tie-back. This solution is too simple and cheap.

This technique can be used for the curtains in the living room.

How To Use Upholstery Tacks:

  1. Purchase a pack of complementing upholstery tacks.
  2. Make a dry run to decide how big to make the pleats and how many pleats you’ll need to ensure your curtain panel is appropriately positioned to cover the window.
  3. Mark the locations where you want to insert the tacks.
  4. Begin by inserting the first tack into the curtain’s corner on the outer edge of the window opening.
  5. Next, take some cloth and pleat it, then tack it into the wall approximately three inches apart from the first one.
  6. Repeat this process across the entire window.

2. Using A Tension Cable

Using tension wires can be a trendy and modern way to neat up your windows. Tension cables provide support while maintaining a clean and minimalistic appearance. 

A tension cable can be used with any form of curtain, including grommeted, rod pocket, ring clipped, and tab top.

This technique is most prominently used for making partitions in the rooms. House Owners use these in the living rooms & other rooms to create partitions. 

The materials required are a tension cable (rope or a wire), curtains, measuring tape, a pencil, curtain clips & hooks, and a screwdriver.

How to use tension cable:

  1. Measure the distance between which you want to hang it. Mark the locations with the help of a pencil.
  2. Mount the tension cables according to the instructions in the manual or behind the packet.
  3. Slide it onto the tension wires if they have grommets, tabs, or loops for hanging. 
  4. After hanging it, check to ensure that they are on the same level and equally spaced. 
  5. If necessary, change the tension of the cables to create the appropriate curtain height.
  6. Trim any excess thread or fabric and ensure it hang neatly and evenly.

3. Using Velcro Strips

Using velcro strips to hang curtains is a unique & simple way to add window decorations. This method does not use any curtain rod at all. The velcro stips give a firm grip while remaining detachable & damage-free. This also allows you to hang it without drilling the walls.

The material that you require can be bought easily from your nearby IKEA store.  You will need velcro strips, curtains, measuring tape, pencil & scissors.

How To Hang Curtains Using Velcro Strips

  1. Measure the height and width of your window or the space where you want to hang the curtains. Mark the locations with a pencil.
  2. Cut the Velcro strips as per the required length. 
  3. Ensure they fit the curtain panel’s width or the area where the curtains will be hung.
  4. Firmly press the Velcro strips’ glued side onto the marked areas of the wall or window frame.
  5. If your curtains include tabs, grommets, or loops, just attach the matching Velcro strips to the backside of the curtain.
  6. After attaching the Velcro strips to both the wall and the curtain, carefully press the curtain against the Velcro on the wall.
  7. Make sure the curtains are equally leveled and equally spaced. 
  8. If necessary, detach & reattach the velcro strip on the curtain to adjust the level.
  9. Trim any excess thread or fabric to give the curtains a clean and crisp appearance.

4. Magnetic Curtain Rods

Magnetic rods are different from conventional curtain rods. They are made of magnetic material and can be attached to the top of your window or door frame. These are best suited if your door or window frames are made of steel.

These do not require any sort of hole drilling. You can hang curtains without drilling if you use these. Further, these are portable as well. You do not need to keep them permanently in one place.

Magnetic rods make hanging curtains convenient without any need for drilling or permanent hardware. If you want to use a magnetic rod, you will need a magnetic rod, curtains, measuring tape & pencil.

How To Hang Curtains Using Magnetic Rod

  1. Measure and mark the height and width where you want to hang it. Mark the points using a pencil.
  2. Position the magnetic rods on the marks and stick them to each other and the steel door or window frame.
  3. Slide it into the rod & hang them. If they do not have any built-in hanging feature, then use hooks to hang them from the rod.
  4. Adjust the position of it and ensure they are at an equal level.
  5. Trim any extra fabric to give it a neat appearance.

If your already-bought curtains are giving you a tough time, you can always invest in good-quality curtains. But this time, you will have no room for mistakes. So, ensure you check out: “How to choose curtains for your living room” to make an intelligent decision.


  1. What can I use instead of a curtain rod?

You can hang curtains without a rod for various reasons. One can be that your landlord does not allow you to drill holes. You can use tension wires, upholstery tacks & velcro strips.

  1. Which kind of curtains are the most ideal for living rooms?

They need to be both attractive and functional. You can choose a thick, opaque curtain to block out light and noise. Alternatively, you might use a lighter, sheer curtain to let in some light and give the room a more airy sense. 

  1. How wide should the curtains be?

The curtains should be 1.5 to 3 times the width of the window. This allows the curtains to give a fuller look when open and provides proper coverage when they are closed.

  1. How to clean and maintain the curtains?

Most curtains can be washed using a light detergent and machine wash. To avoid damage to the fabric, experts advise against using harsh chemicals or bleach. These may damage the fabric to its core.

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