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Award-Worthy Audacity: A Look at the Oscars’ Most Daring Fashion Moments

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Award-Worthy Audacity A Look at the Oscars' Most Daring Fashion Moments

When it comes to events of the year, the Oscars have to be one of the most exciting fashion, artistry, and talented evenings of the year. It’s no surprise that top designers are willing to pay a large sum for Hollywood stars to wear their custom designs and showcase why they are a household name and their brilliance. Millions of people tune in to watch the Oscars every year and there are millions more who see people on social media platforms rate dresses, suits, and masterpieces that these wickedly talented people have decided to wear.

So that brings us to what we are doing here today. If, like me, you watched the Oscars or maybe you are just here for the fashion critics, then you will love what we have in store for you. We will be discussing some of the fashion highlights from Dior, Louis Vuitton, and many more, showcasing their tailored looks at the 96th Acadamy Awards and the reasons why we are living for them.

Del Core: Florence Pugh

A recent star of the successful sci-fi Dune 2 she served a refreshing and extraterrestrial look on the red carpet and what made it stand out to me the most was that it wasn’t by her beloved Valentino, as we know she is one of the faces of the label. She has decided to go with the designer Daniel Del Core, a Gucci alum who left and built his own brand, Del Core.

What I can say about the look is that it was extremely flattering for Florence and was something different for Florence that I appreciated, not to mention very on-brand from her recent film. It serves aliens and has an architectural silhouette in a very feminine way, which we love to see on the red carpet. You can see the playfulness with the straps, neckpiece, and curving around the hips.

It was so tasteful and beautifully done, not to mention the hair and makeup matched perfectly; therefore, I have no notes and there was never a doubt this wouldn’t make the list.

Simone Rocha: Chloe Sevigny

It seems that bows were successfully represented on the red carpet. The emerging designer Simone Rocha delivered on this trend and did something so stunning and campy that I was left wondering how and who I could pay to recreate this for me. The red satin off-the-shoulder mini dress with a huge box that glided below the shoulders for an asymmetrical look was stunning, from the material down to the size of the red dress.

This up-and-coming representation of smaller designers on the carpet was a breath of fresh air. The Hollywood stars or more to say, their stylists, have their eyes on the new and upcoming people in the business and Chloe Sevigny got it right, a truly breathtaking piece that speaks for itself.

Dior: Anya Taylor-Joy

Dior did not miss a beat when designing a dress for the beautiful Anya Taylor-Joy, dripping in diamonds and beautifully done, that embodies a fish’s scales and it didn’t stop there. Anya was wearing the Tiffany & Co. diamond, which tied the look together. Dior has once again proved why they are a household name, they have created something so beautiful, well-fitted, and also mesmerizing. Pulling inspiration from the sea has shown a magical side to Dior.

Giambattisata Valli Haute: Ariana Grande

Pretty in pink and this custom Giambattista dress for the one and only Ariana Grande. We can see this is paying homage to the new upcoming film Wicked, where she stars as the Pink Witch Glinda with the same strawberry blonde curls. It was a fairy and dreamy-like moment.

The gown looked wrapped perfectly around her body and a huge puffy shrug and trail were the perfect accessories for this look. You can see exactly why Ariana Grande went back to the talented designer Giambattista after his work at the 2020 Acadamy Awards. He’s won the loyalty of an international star and at the same time, he’s won my heart with that puffy pink dress. I can only imagine the masterpiece that will come next year.

Chanel: Billie Eilish

We have seen the rise of office attire in streetwear and Billie has been a huge advocate for sticking to her street, baggy, and smart suit core and she has kept it consistent this year on the red carpet at none better than the house of Chanel. The perfect designer embodies everything popular now so of course Billie represented the core of Chanel with a tweed black and white skirt, a ruffle white shirt, and a black tailored blazer.

While this might be seen as a casualist look by some people, I thought it was simple but efficient, and I mean come on… it is Chanel. I think it was very on-brand for Billie and I expected nothing less from her; she’s dipped her toe with many designers, from Louis Vuitton to Gucci so it was stunning to see her switch it up with Chanel. It was beautiful to see her win an Oscar for Best Original Song again this year and in no other category than Chanel. I am looking forward to seeing what and who she wears next year.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the top looks for me at the Oscars, the list is so long it wouldn’t fit in this article but for you guys, I picked some of my personal favorites and I hope you enjoyed the read. The 96th Academy Awards did not disappoint in the world of fashion and I cannot wait to see what everyone wears next year.

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