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Going on vacation to a warm gentle sea, do not forget to put in the suitcase a good book. Even better, if you take the electronic media for reading, which can download books. The first book will help you brighten up the flight. For reading an exciting novel, time flies. Choose a room where there is no TV and no access to the Internet (of course, if there is no network operating necessary). Disconnect from all over the world, dedicate this time only for themselves. How beautiful it is to enjoy the gentle rays of the sun in the company of literary heroes. If you prefer an active holiday with excursions and travel, the book is useful to you in the evening. After all, we have agreed that there is no TV in the room. In such circumstances, you can relax not only physically, but also mentally. The book will complement the rest missing parts, enhance the emotional effect. Barely a week of this holiday you will return to work with a vengeance. The brain will perceive the information with the same accuracy as it was as a student. But in order not to lose quickly received a boost of energy, do not remove the book away. Keep reading, and the brain will tell you thank you very much for this additional charge.

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