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Reading or Study Novels – Where the term came from?

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An excellent observation is an art that a clear image of life can be found in a novel. According to research by Keith Oatley and Raymond Mar, reading fiction enhances social interaction. Also, according to the study, those who read fiction score higher on empathic assessments.

This outcome remained even after the researchers took into account the possibility that sincere people would opt to read fiction out of habit. One’s capacity to form visual imagery of other people improves with the amount of fiction they read.

What exactly the term Novel is?

A novel is a work of fiction that includes 50,000 words or more; however, this definition has expanded to include graphic novels and novellas.


It is a fictional written story that typically deals with the human experience through a connected series of events and is long and detailed.

Furthermore, a novel study is NOT the same as studying a book. It is a chance to develop a love of reading. Typically, the novels are categorized in three parts mentioned below:

Why there is a need to Study Novels?

We are culturally and emotionally organized by stories. They do more than just make life more enjoyable and meaningful. We can get this possible for us to get wise through the reading of stories. Stories challenge us mentally and develop our moral character.

Stanley Hauerwas, a well-known Methodist theologian, has made the controversial claim that "you cannot live a moral life if you are not reading a novel a week."

As self-confident as we may appear at times, many of us live simple lives with a few complications.  The tension that we require to increase our capacity for risk-taking can be found in good novels.

Despite being bound by information; wisdom comes from understanding human nature truths rather than facts; it comes from looking past statistics to their patterns. The stories we read and hear have an impact on whom we become.

  • Novels not only enrich your imagination, but they also pass the time and help you increase your vocabulary.
  • They present you with unique ideas and build tools to give your idea color.
  • We no longer require anyone to join us to places.
  • Our routine life becomes more interesting and happening.
  • We will feel happier than ever before.
  • We are more knowledgeable.

And, most importantly, we learn to respect others and their work more commonly and also discovered that there exist individuals with great skills and the highest level of imagination.

Getting Started

We generally find the idea of studying a novel bit confusing since either we’ve been out of education for a long time, or we’ve never been a good reader.

It isn’t always easy to enjoy literature. Reading involves effort; otherwise, you will become lost, bored, and bewildered. The best novels, on the other hand, constantly reward your efforts by displaying richness and strength that you could have ignored while reading.

Reading a novel requires effort, but it is a fun and low-stress job. Even difficult novels can become natural and easy with a little effort. The basic strategy is to divide the task of studying and enjoying a novel into achievable steps. You can follow the mentioned steps to begin to study novels:

  • Determine your goal
  • Determine the goal standards.
  • Select a theme and text.
  • Prepare and maintain a timetable.
  • Draw a summary or map of the unit of a novel.

There is no single method or secret recipe for a successful novel study. To take it seriously, you must be a keen and attentive reader.

This involves reading and then rereading. Also, it requires active involvement with the book and, most likely, reading slower than normal and it also includes taking notes.

Some major benefits of Novel Studies

There are numerous benefits of using novel studies and some of them are mentioned as:

  • Building knowledge and Global exposure.
  • Development of realistic Vocabulary.
  • Improve communication and dialogue skill sets.
  • Social skills development
  • Increase curiosity and interest in reading and learning.
  • Helps to reduce stress.
  • Improves memory and helps to be more focused.
  • Helps to improve writing skills

Reading regularly can bring a variety of benefits, ranging from enhanced health to higher IQ. You may expect to expand your knowledge of many topics if you adopt the routine of reading books regularly. It may appear tiresome at first, but once you have gotten the grip of it, you’ll be glad you did.

Studying Novels: Online and Offline

Whether you study online or offline, what all matter is one’s internal satisfaction and mental peace that he/she gains post-reading.

There are some best sites where you can read online:

and many more…

If you want to read offline, then also you can either visit the local vendor or can check online commercial sites since free book previews are a common feature provided by many web-based- based bookstores, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble, when it relates to priced books (and it doesn’t matter if you want to buy a print or electronic version).

The free previews make up about 15% of the purchased book. It’s long enough to decide whether or not to order a book.

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