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Trending New Year Rangoli Designs

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The year 2022 will end soon, and we are all ready to welcome the new year of 2023. There will be a great celebration around the world on December 31st. People decorate their houses with lights, candles, and New Year Rangoli Designs. Many go to parties to enjoy their last day of the year. Saying goodbye to 2022 will be hard, but we will gather on December 31st to cherish all our memories in 2022. We welcome the new year with our warm hearts and the hope of a beautiful year.

Decorations are the main important thing to do while welcoming the new year, and without rangolis, the decoration is meaningless. Rangolis are very beautiful designs made on the floor with different colors. There are also different types of rangolis, which are unique. Suppose you are looking for new year rangoli designs, then you have come to the right place. Here are some latest New Year Rangoli Designs.

Simple and Easy New Year Rangoli Designs:

There are many different types of designs. Many people start their new year by creating beautiful rangoli designs. This is the traditional way of celebrating the new year. The specialty of Rangoli is that it is very easy to draw, and anyone can draw it. You don’t need to have experience in drawing Rangolis.

You can also create your designs for rangolis as they are very easy to draw. Here are some beautiful, traditional designs that are easy and simple to draw.

Seven Circle Rangoli for New Year

This seven-circle rangoli is famous, and many people use this design to draw Rangoli. This amazing seven-circle rangoli is created with seven circular designs surrounded by flowers. First, it would help to draw a big circle with ground powder on the floor. Then, surround the big circle with six circles, and you can add some additional designs.

Picture: Seven circle for Rangoli

Peacock, Happy New Year, Rangoli Designs

People use peacock designs for almost all festivals, which are very beautiful. All you need to know is about the color combination. You can make these rangoli more beautiful by adding some flowers to them. This is also made with various color combinations, which makes it more amazing. This is a must-try design.

Picture: Peacock Rangoli

Colorful Butterfly New Year Rangoli Designs

We all love butterflies, and it is straightforward to draw them. You can make the design more beautiful if you know the proper color combinations. You can add beautiful colors to the wings of the butterfly. Considering bright colors helps in making the rangoli more attractive. If you think drawing one butterfly is very simple, you can draw two butterflies facing each other. You can also apply different colors to them.

Picture: Butterfly Rangoli Design

Duck Rangoli Design for New Year

Like its name, the entire design is based on the duck drawing. You can also use flowers’ broken petals to create the designs in the rangoli. This design can also be used as an outdoor design. You can start by drawing ducks in a circular form, and you can add various colors to them to make them look more beautiful.

Picture: Duck Rangoli Design

Floral New Year Rangoli Designs for New Year

Flowers are considered a traditional thing for every occasion. As you all know, drawing flowers is so easy. Many people prefer flowers design for rangoli to make it look beautiful and is also time-saving. You can draw flower designs on the floor using ground powder and add different light and dark colors to make it more beautiful. Some designs are entirely made of flowers.

Picture: Floral New Year Rangoli Design

Colorful Rangoli Designs for New Year

Colorful designs are nothing but filling different designs with beautiful contrasting colors. You can create any design of your choice and add different colors, making it more attractive.

Picture: Colorful Rangoli Design

Simple Rangoli Designs for New Year

There are many simple designs that anyone can draw. Let me tell you about a few simple designs. You can try drawing one big flower and adding multiple different colors to them. You can also draw a simple design using circles. You can add a few easy designs to the circles.

Picture: Simple Rangoli Design

Traditional Rangoli Designs for New Year

Indians mostly prefer drawing traditional rangoli designs as they give a positive vibe. The traditional design is drawn using a circle pattern. They design the circle using flower designs. Religious designs are also created using religious symbols like the swastika, om, lamp, conch, and lotus. The designs are created based on the festivals.

Picture: Traditional Rangoli Design

New Year Rangoli Designs Using Dots

Most people use dots for creating rangoli designs. These are the most ancient forms of making rangoli. South Indian people use this dots rangoli method for creating rangoli. You can make dot rangoli by arranging dots in the correct order. After arranging them in the right order, you can make a design for them. You can also make it beautiful by adding flowers and different colors, which make it look more attractive.

Picture: Rangoli Design using Spiral or Dots

Free Hand Rangoli Designs for the new year

Many people also make free-hand rangolis. You can create a rangoli design of your choice and add colors in some cases; you can also add lamps to make it bright and colorful. If you want to make a free hand rangoli design, you must write Happy New Year after completing the design. Which makes it a new year rangoli design.

Picture: Free-hand Rangoli Design

Lotus Rangoli Designs for New Year

This is a very easy design. You can create a design using lotus flowers and can add beautiful colors. After completing the design, you can write a happy new year.

Picture: Lotus Rangoli Design

Semi-Circle Rangoli Designs for New Year

Semi-circle rangoli designs are also very popular and are used widely. They are easy to draw, and you can easily add designs. You can add different colors to the designs. You can either add the year or write Happy New Year to it. You can also make it attractive by adding flowers or lamps.

Picture: Semi-Circle Rangoli Designs


Rangolis are very easy to draw and are used as decorations. Without Rangoli, a festival decoration is incomplete. You can find different designs of rangolis at every different festival. You can make them attractive by adding flowers and lamps—the design changes with every festival and with new patterns. The tradition of making rangoli is very popular in South India. These are some rangoli designs that can be easily made and used in the new year. Welcome to the new year with beautiful rangoli designs.

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