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Content Writer: Expectations vs. Reality

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Words are the main elements around which this whole world runs. If we did not have words, could we be able to express what we feel or what we need? Of course not. In this present-day scenario, especially since the Lockdown era, people are choosing to make their words and skill for writing to earn some extra bucks. And this art of earning through writing is familiar as content writing, and the master of this field is famous as a content writer.

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What is Content Writing?

One may ask the question about what content writing is. Content writing includes digital marketing. Suppose a brand is willing to meet its products and services to the global audience. For this purpose, they will need a platform. Luckily enough, Google is providing them with a platform where the brand can easily make a website to connect with the global audience. But will only a website work? Is a beautiful plate enough when you are hungry? That plate must contain food. Similarly, a beautiful website without apt content is a complete waste.

Now that website may contain the contents about the products and service description, the brand’s history or client reviews, contact details, etc. This form of writing is familiar as content writing.

Who is a Content Writer?

To put it in simple words, a content writer is someone who writes articles on various topics or content for brands or for any particular business to exhibit their products to the audience. A content writer writes about several engaging content. These writers produce the best form of copies or graphic material possible, from blog posts to press releases, so that the brand or the business can achieve its desired success, specifically in marketing.

What skills do content writers need?

The following abilities are necessary for content writers.

Writing Skills.

Content writers are known for their abilities to write. It makes sense that a content writer should have outstanding writing skills. Without writing skills, one can not stand still in this highly competitive occupation of content writing.

Brainstorming Ideas.

Great research skills is the must-have skill of a content writer. A content writer should research intensely the topic he is to pen down. This research skill will finally lead him to create a creative piece.

Flexible to maintain deadlines.

Maintaining deadlines is one of the best qualities of content writers. Managing time is an of-course skill of any professional. And your boss or client has given you a limited time to prove your skills, so it is necessary to maintain that. You do not want to make your client or boss angry at EOD, right?

Outstanding SEO knowledge.

If your copy can not attract the audience, then there is no way you can gain the trust of your client and your boss. So content writers must keep updated about the latest Google algorithms so that they become able to create SEO-friendly content by using apt keywords in their articles.

Knowledge of Social Media.

Knowledge of using social media for marketing is also a plus for content writers. Several firms may reach large audiences through social media. And social media marketing is impossible without the proper copy, which is only in the hands of a content or copywriter.

Quality Content.

Providing quality content is one of your duties if you are in content writing. Give your best shot and write a copy that attracts the global audience in a way that even they remain stunned by your skills.

Skill in Editing and Proofreading.

A content writer should be able to edit their writing before publishing. Adding pictures and maintaining the content format is as necessary as the writing itself. Proofreading is also a must-have skill of a content writer. One cannot be in a favorable position if their article contains flaws.

Great idea about the language and tone.

Having an appropriate idea about language and tonality is also necessary for your article because if it is full of language errors, it becomes difficult for the audience to get a clear message.

Content Management.

Content management is a necessary skill for content writers.


Communication is necessary, be it for the personal field or in the professional area. If you can not communicate properly, you will not understand the client’s need or speak for your part. So communication is necessary.

What are the top responsibilities of a Content Writer?

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The following points reveal the duties of content writers.

  1. They should provide error-free content for promoting the products and services of brands.
  2. Submit the assignments before the deadline.
  3. They should proofread their copies carefully before publishing.
  4. They should follow the SEO guidelines.
  5. Content writers should follow the editors and edit their articles accordingly as the editors have instructed.
  6. They should know how to promote their work on social media and do the same.
  7. Communicate with other team members to make their work stand out best in the industry.

It is an optional requirement if you want to stand as the best content writer among others.

If you are someone who has already published several articles, you can go for a portfolio, which will be a great help for people to recognize your outstanding writing skill in seconds. Making a portfolio can also be the beginning for someone thinking about an international client or his own business.

Which degree is necessary for becoming a content writer?

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No specific degree is required to become a content writer. A degree in English, Journalism, or marketing can be one of the best for this particular field.

Can I consider it as a full-time and good job?

Yes, content writing can stand as a good and stable job in the professional field. People can choose it as a full-time or as a part-time job too. 

How much can a content writer earn every month?

Content Writer
Image. Earning as Content Writer

The salary of a content writer ranges from 120k-570k in a year in India. According to recent studies and reports, a content writer makes an average pay of 3 lakhs per annum. 

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