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It Ends with Us: About, Movie, Casts!

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How does it feel when you get goosebumps while reading a novel? Is it not true that we can not just stop thinking about how brilliant that author has been? So is the case with the romance novel, It Ends With US by Collen Hoover. A romance novel can rarely give you a thrilling yet satisfying experience. And someone who knows what this book has given to her can not stay calm if it gets an announcement to be on screen. Yes, you are hearing it right. We all are excited to see the ‘It Ends With US’ movie in the theaters.

What is there in this novel?

As I said, a novel that may give the readers goosebumps, this book, It Ends with Us, received the 2016 Goodreads choice award for best romance. This novel has a consideration as one of the best books by Collen Hoover.

Image. Cover Photo of It Ends with Us Novel

Let us know about the plot. The main story evolves around the main character of this novel, Lily Bloom. Lily grew up in Boston in an abusive family, where she witnessed the brutal relationship between her parents. She has grown up while seeing her father’s abusiveness towards her mother. However, Lily’s father is dead, and Lily has completed her graduation and is on the way to starting her business as a florist. There she met a gorgeous neurosurgeon Ryle Kincaid. They soon fell in love with one another.

But in this relationship, both have two different expectations. Ryle is looking for a casual fling, and Lily is looking for a serious relationship. However, Ryle intended to change. They started a happy relationship. But it comes to an end. Soon Lily seemed to miss her first love.

Her past love was Atlas Corrigan, who was a then homeless teen. Lily helped him and took care of him. Atlas was gentle, kind, and a protector of Lily. He comforted Lily during the mental hardship caused by Lily’s abusive family. But then, with the meddling of Lily’s father, their relationship ended.

However, missing her first love Lily went to see Atlas, who is now in the military. However, on that evening, Ryle became rude to Lily. This situation triggered the past fear of abusiveness in Lily’s mind again. Ryle asked for an apology. 

Soon the novel shows the encounter with Atlas in a restaurant. The story shows how Ryle and Atlas fought on the scene of hurting Lily. Soon Lily and Ryle got married. On one occasion, Lliy came to know about Ryle’s anger issues. She was scared but tried to help him. But out of jealousy of Lily’s past love, Ryle hurt lily again.

During that time, Lily decided to leave Ryle and learned she was pregnant with Ryle’s child. Atlas let Lily know that his love for her never ended and asks if there is any possibility for them to be in a relationship.

During that crisis, Lily had the support of her mother and Ryle’s sister. With their encouragement, Lily decided that she could not make her child go through that fear, which she had overcome. And with this decision, she divorced Ryle and confirmed with Atlas that they could get back together.

By When the It End with us movie will be in theaters?

The summary is giving you goosebumps, right? So you can imagine the madness about the It Ends With Us movie. The release date has not gotten any confirmation yet. But according to some reports, this movie can release in 2023 or 2024.

Who is behind the idea of the It Ends With US movie?

Whoever is behind the idea of helping this novel come onscreen is undoubtedly getting the blessings of the fans of this book. However, let us not play with this name. The famous Justin Baldoni, a successful actor, and filmmaker, announced on his Instagram handle that through his production firm, ‘Wayfarer Entertainment’ he will be working on the It Ends With Us movie.

Let us know a little bit about Justin Baldoni

Image. Justin Baldoni [Credit: Ryan Lash / TED]
Image. Justin Baldoni [Credit: Ryan Lash / TED]

With great talent, Justin Baldoni is a successful actor and a famous filmmaker. Five Feet Apart, Baldoni’s first picture as a director, earned more than $80 million in international box office receipts on a $7 million budget, making it CBS Films’ third highest-grossing movie. A famous series by Justin Baldoni is Jane the Virgin.

Who are the casts for this movie?

The names of the cast for this movie have not gotten any declaration yet. But the fans are getting excited to know the faces of this movie. Fans also are thinking deeply about if there is any chance that the author Coolen Hoover can get the portrait in this movie. We all are excited to know who will play Lily, Ryleand Atlas. Are we not?

Is the trailer of the movie It Ends With US available on YouTube?

Yeah, I know you have been searching for it for ages now. But sadly enough, any trailer or teaser is not available for It Ends With US movie.

However, Justin Baldoni has confirmed that he has already hired the screenwriter for this movie. So are you ready to get popcorn in your hands, ‘It Ends With US’ film on the giant screen and goosebumps?

What is the main plot of this movie?

There is no doubt that the plot will evolve around the novel. But the trailer is not out yet. So we can not give any assurance about the storyline of It Ends With US movie. But we can not wait to see it. Can we?

However, let us wait for ‘It Ends With US’ movie to get the declaration of its release date.

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