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Lower Your Diastolic Blood Pressure | Why and What Can be Done | Top Tips

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Diastolic Blood Pressure

How many times have you paid attention to the top number while measuring your blood pressure? Always, right? But have you ever paid attention to the bottom number? Not! That’s what we are trying to say, people tend to ignore the bottom number thinking it’s of no importance. But you should pay attention to it as well. 

The upper number is your systolic blood pressure whereas the lower number is your diastolic blood pressure. If the lower number is greater than 80 mm/Hg, then your diastolic blood pressure is considered high. So, how can you decrease your diastolic blood pressure quickly ?

Here, we are going to give you some tips to lower diastolic blood pressure.

What is High Diastolic Blood Pressure?

Before we let you know what diastolic blood pressure is, first let us understand what high blood pressure or hypertension is. Blood pressure is the pressure of blood pressing against the walls of the artery. 

When the heart pumps the blood into the blood vessels, you get systolic blood pressure. The wall size of the artery and elasticity also affect the blood pressure. With each beat of your heart, the pressure builds inside the arteries.

When the heart is in a relaxed state, the arteries stay at a low resting tone to keep the pressure within the artery. This is known as diastolic blood pressure. Moreover, when the force of blood is high during the contraction and relaxation of your heart within arteries, then your blood pressure is high. 

When you measure your blood pressure, the upper number refers to systolic pressure. On the other hand, the lower number refers to diastolic blood pressure. But how to reduce your diastolic blood pressure? If the issue of diastolic pressure continues, then you can follow these ways to lower diastolic blood pressure.

10 Proven Tips To Lower Diastolic Blood Pressure

The following are the ways to lower diastolic blood pressure quickly.

1. Avoid Sodium

Sodium is not good for people who suffer from diastolic blood pressure. So, you must limit the intake of sodium (salt) in your food. Also, you should start focusing on having a healthy diet that benefits your heart and keeps your diastolic blood pressure normal. 

2. Avoid/Reduce Caffeine Intake

Generally, caffeine does not contribute to diastolic high blood pressure. However, it does affect the people who suffer from high blood pressure. It makes the blood vessels narrow. 

So, you should avoid caffeine and if you cannot avoid it, then you must consume 300 milligrams per day only.

3. Take Prescribed Medications 

If you are someone who has high blood pressure, then you must not skip taking medicines as prescribed by the doctors. You should regularly take those medicines as and when suggested by the doctor. They are generally taken after breakfast. 

In case you find it hard to remember to take medicines, then you must set a reminder on your phone.

4. Limit Saturated & Trans fats

The foods such as hot dogs, fast foods, and frozen foods all have high amounts of saturated fat. So, make sure to avoid foods that are rich in saturated or trans fats. 

In place of these, start taking healthy polyunsaturated and mono-saturated fats that are found in things such as olives, nuts, avocados, and canola oil.

5. Stop Alcohol Consumption 

Alcohol raises blood pressure. So, if you drink it, please stop right now. Not only does alcohol affect blood pressure, but it also has a serious impact on your other body systems.

6. Reduce Stress

Stress also leads to high blood pressure. So, try reducing the stress. It has various effects on your body. One such effect is that it increases the stress hormones. These stress hormones then contribute to high blood pressure.

To reduce stress, you can do activities like yoga, meditation, reading, physical activity, or anything that you like. A walk in the fresh air or moving your body a little can also reduce stress. You can also talk to your friends or family or watch something that makes you happy 

7. Check Your Blood Pressure Daily 

Monitoring your blood pressure regularly is very important.  Take your readings on different days and show them to your doctor. This will help the doctors in accessing your condition.

But where and how to check blood pressure? Checking blood pressure has become easy, all thanks to technology!  There are various machines available in the market using which you can check your blood pressure conveniently.

8. Avoid Sugar

If you have a condition of high blood pressure, then avoid sugar of any kind!  It can make your blood pressure high. If it is hard for you to cut down on sugar, then you can consume alternatives but sugar, never! 

You can eat dark chocolate, honey, or jaggery in place of processed sugar. 

9. Reduce or Stop Smoking

Smoking kills, everybody knows that. Still, they consume it. But it is high time, if your blood pressure is high, then it is advisable to stop smoking. It is the main reason why people suffer from high blood pressure. 

Smoking leads to the accumulation of fatty substances inside your arteries. These fatty deposits can be an obstacle to the flow of blood. This in turn boosts the blood pressure. 

So now you know what to do!

10. Increase Potassium Intake

Potassium is good for people who suffer from high diastolic blood pressure. It is advisable to eat potassium rich foods such as avocados and bananas. It helps your body to eliminate the sodium. Also, it reduces the accumulation of fatty deposits.

Do not worry if you don’t like bananas, you can eat potatoes or spinach as well. But wait! Before you increase your potassium intake, consult your doctor. Because people with certain diseases can have adverse effects from potassium.

What Are The Symptoms Of Diastolic High Blood Pressure?

You must be wondering how you can recognize if your diastolic blood pressure is high. What are its symptoms, right? Well, high blood pressure is a silent disease and it does not have many symptoms. That’s why a lot of doctors consider this an asymptomatic disease.

Hypertension does not have any symptoms, but if cured on time it can lead to long-term health issues. That is why measuring blood pressure is very important. 

But here are some of the common symptoms that indicate that you have high diastolic blood pressure:

  • Headache or dizziness
  • Difficulty in sleeping, sweating at night
  • Nose bleeding
  • Nausea
  • Blurred vision
  • Heart palpitations 

Foods To Lower Diastolic Blood Pressure 

Certain foods are beneficial for people suffering from high blood pressure. If you add them to your diet and consume them daily then they can have positive effects on your blood pressure.

1. Carrots

Carrots are good for lowering diastolic high blood pressure. It is nutritious as well as delicious. Also, carrots help in maintaining normal blood pressure.

They are rich in fiber, vitamins, polyphenols, and minerals.  These all are good for metabolic health and protecting your heart. 

2. Broccoli

Studies suggest that having more leafy vegetables such as broccoli protects against heart problems. Broccoli contains minerals, vitamins, and dietary fibers. These help in preventing many diseases such as cancer and heart problems. 

3. Berries and Pomegranate 

Regular consumption of berries is also helpful in treating cardiovascular risks.  Also, blueberries help lower diastolic blood pressure. In addition to this, pomegranate juice also helps in lowering the diastolic blood pressure. 

4. Tomato

Tomatoes are also beneficial in curing diastolic high blood pressure. They contain minerals, carotenoids, vitamin A, calcium, and various other nutrients that help in mental health as well as physical health. Moreover, including them in your diet also prevents health problems.

5. Yoghourt & Skimmed Milk

Skimmed milk and yogurt are also helpful in treating hypertension. Skin milk is made by removing the fat from whole milk. If you drink skim milk daily, then you can reduce your heart problems.

 The reason may be because it contains potassium, calcium, proteins, and other such nutrients. Or because people who consume low-fat products have a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to this, having yogurt also lowers the risk of heart-related problems in adults. 

6. Red beets

Just like leafy vegetables, red beets are also rich in nitrates. If you drink beetroot juice daily, then you will be able to lower diastolic blood pressure. Also, you can include the beetroot in your daily meal as a salad.

7. Oatmeal

Oats are rich in fiber, mainly beta-glucan, which helps in reducing high blood pressure. Including oats in your diet lowers both systolic as well as diastolic blood pressure.

8. Seeds

Chia seeds, sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, and pumpkin seeds all are good sources of potassium, fiber, and magnesium. All these help in lowering the high blood pressure. The tip is to not add salt to the seeds for maximum benefits.

9. Dark chocolate 

The cocoa compounds called flavanols boost the production of nitric oxide. This relieves the blood vessels and lowers the high blood pressure.

10. Bananas 

Bananas are rich in potassium.  They help in managing hypertension by decreasing the sodium in the body. Also, it relaxes the blood vessels. But if you suffer from any kidney disease, then removing extra potassium from the body might be difficult. So, you must talk to your doctor before potassium intake.

How Long Does It Take to Lower Diastolic Blood Pressure ?

You must be thinking how long does it take to lower diastolic blood pressure, right? Well, it depends!

  • Hot baths, relaxation techniques, and deep breathing help in lowering blood pressure in just a few hours.
  • Medications and lifestyle changes take a few weeks or months to lower the blood pressure.
  • A healthy diet, quality sleep, and exercise give results in a few days and sometimes overnight.

Final Thoughts

That’s a wrap! Diastolic blood pressure is the lower number when you measure your blood pressure. You do not need to worry if you have this issue, it can be reduced by following the tips we have mentioned in the blog. 

Avoiding caffeine, sugar, and processed foods, relaxing, regularly exercising, getting good sleep, etc. can help you lower diastolic blood pressure. Also, you should consult your doctor and take prescribed medicines regularly without skipping. 

If you have any doubts or questions in your mind, feel free to ask us!  

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