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How Voice AI Is Revolutionizing Business Operations?

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How Voice AI Is Revolutionizing Business Operations?

I said, “Hey Alexa, Good Morning!”

Alex replied “Good Morning, Happy Friday…. Friday is all about hanging out with friends and having fun …….Hope You Have A Great Day”

We all know about Alexa and these kinds of conversations. Alexa is a Voice AI assistant that is capable of doing voice conversations with humans. Just like Alexa, we have Siri. Both of them are the most popular Voice AI assistants at present. With these two examples, it becomes easy to understand the term ‘Voice AI’.

What Is Voice AI?

Voice AI is a part of conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) in which AI technology is integrated with the system to simulate human-like voice conversations. Voice AI has the power to completely change the way we interact with machines.

For example, Google Voice Assistant lets you enable your Google searches with your voice rather than typing a query in the Google search bar.

However, Voice AI has not yet fully attained the ideal level because of various discrepancies. Various research and experiments are going on to make Voice AI highly efficient. Well, evolving AI has various applications in different fields. It is beneficial for various businesses in different ways and some of them are explained here.

Application Of Voice AI In Businesses

There are plenty of ways to incorporate voice AI into your businesses. Some of the use cases of this technology in businesses are explained below:

  • 24/7 Customer Support

Customer service is a very important part of any business. Ensuring that you will be available for your customers 24/7 will help you to gain the trust of old and new customers. Moreover, providing optimum customer service is highly important for retaining old customers and getting new ones.

Voice AI chatbots can offer significant advantages in the field of customer support. These new technology chatbots can simulate conversation with human beings with the help of voice commands. Customers can simply ask their queries by giving voice commands from their devices. Voice chatbot will interpret sound and naturally respond to customers.

Voice AI Chatbots are integrated with the company’s website or mobile app so that customers can easily locate it and ask their doubts or queries. These chatbots once integrated can work 24/7 and are ready to help customers anytime, reducing the need for human intervention.

  • Voice Commerce

Voice AI technology is capable of transforming the shopping experience. Now, with the help of Voice AI assistants, it is possible to place orders and do transactions with voice commands.

One of the best examples of Voice Commerce is Alexa integration with an Android-based shopping app. With this integration, you can easily pay your electricity bills with one voice command. Just say, “Alexa, pay the electricity bill.” Voila! It will be done with one voice command. It is important to ensure that you have a balance in your Amazon Pay wallet.

 Similarly, you can make other payments with the help of your voice commands. Also, you can shop for products through different online shopping apps. It is time to shop hands-free.

  • Voice Activated Devices at Retail Stores

Installing voice-activated devices at retail stores can take customers’ experience to the next level. These devices can assist customers with various things like product inquiries, tailored recommendations, and streamlining the process of product navigation.

Imagine how amazing it would be when you are shopping with the help of a voice AI assistant. It would be an amazing experience for customers. Moreover, it helps in reducing the burden on employees.

For example, Walmart has already started experimenting with voice assistants. They are trying to use these voice assistants to locate products and determine the cost of products or sales information.

  • Customer Feedback & Surveys

Voice AI assistants are not just to enhance the experience of the customers, but they are also helpful in collecting feedback from customers. Voice-enabled devices can collect deep insights from the customers in real-time and further help in the enhancement of products or services.

  • Voice AI Training Solutions

Providing training to employees is a necessary part of the business that helps in improving the quality of work. With the help of Voice AI assistants, it is possible to provide necessary training classes to employees. Voice AI assistants are interactive and can provide relevant answers to queries, therefore, they are capable of providing effective training classes to employees.

Note: These are some of the examples of Voice AI in business. Voice AI has high potential and it can be beneficial for business in various ways.

Benefits Of Voice AI In Businesses

After learning about various applications, it is time to understand the various benefits of incorporating Voice AI technology in your business. Here, we have created a list of voice AI in business. Take a look at the below-mentioned points:

  • Enhance Customer Experience

The biggest benefit of incorporating Voice AI in your business is improving customer experience. With the help of Voice AI chatbots, you can provide effective 24/7 customer support, answer the queries of consumers, collect relevant information from them, and provide tailored solutions.

Moreover, Voice AI technology can help customers improve their shopping experience, by choosing the right products, making quick payments while doing online shopping, and so on. Simplifying various processes and helping customers in their entire shopping journey can significantly help in enhancing their customer experience.

  • Save Precious Time & Efforts

The next amazing benefit of using Voice AI technology at workplaces is saving precious time and reducing the burden on employees. Voice AI assistants can easily take care of mundane and repetitive tasks, allowing your employees to focus on more important tasks.

For example, Voice AI assistants can handle basic queries of clients. Thus, customers will connect with human customer support assistants for deeper queries or problems.

  • Open Up New Ways For Customer Interaction

Traditional ways of customer interaction like emails or phone calls are still efficient. However, incorporating Voice AI technology will open up new ways for customer interaction. Voice enables devices to let old and new customers interact through their voice commands. These new kinds of interactions offer convenience and accessibility to customers.

  • Reduce Sales Cycle

Reducing sales cycles means approaching customers to quickly purchase products and instantly make the payments. Thus, reducing the sales cycle is highly beneficial for businesses because it will help in increasing sales volume. Providing an effortless way for customers to choose products and seamlessly make payments will help in getting more sales.

Voice AI assistants can help in making buyers’ journeys simple, thus they are highly beneficial in reducing the sales cycle.

  • Help To Offer Personalized Experience

Voice AI assistants are capable of collecting details of customers. Based on previous shopping history or customers’ behaviors, Voice AI assistants can make some recommendations to customers. Thus, providing a personalized experience to every customer.

Moreover, Voice AI assistants are also capable of providing tailored customer support to each customer who is trying to interact. Similarly, Voice AI assistants can help in offering personalized experiences to every customer, which is difficult for human beings. Thus, helping businesses to provide personalized, immersive, and unforgettable experiences.

Wrap Up

The entire world is advancing at a fast pace with the evolving technology. The advent of AI has brought a huge revolution. It has completely changed the way we do things. Also, it is making a significant impact on the business sector. Voice AI is one of the parts of artificial intelligence. This technology is changing the way customers interact with businesses. Businesses can take advantage of this technology and stay ahead of competitors.

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