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4 Ways To Improve The UX On Your Website

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4 Ways To Improve The UX On Your Website

Having a website that looks great doesn’t mean much if it’s not good from a user experience perspective! In such a saturated online space, it’s so important that a user is able to easily navigate your website, find what they’re looking for, and not be given the space to question whether or not they are getting the experience they’re looking for. The last thing you want is any feeling of frustration or confusion at any point in their experience, which is what poor UX can result in. So, we’re here to introduce a few ways that you can improve the UX on your website!

Focus On Mobile Performance

First up, it’s key that you focus on mobile performance. With the majority of users now accessing websites through their mobile devices, it’s key that you ensure that they have a good experience on mobile. This means choosing a responsive design, optimizing images, and focusing on how much text you have on pages. A big consideration here should also be scroll ability, as you don’t want a user to have to scroll past big chunks of text and images to get to what they’re looking for, so clear and visible CTA’s throughout the content is key. A more simplified navigation on mobile would also be advised. There are plenty of elements to getting mobile UX right, so make sure you take the time to focus on this.

Reduce Clicks To Conversion

Another way to improve the UX on your website, as well as improve the conversion rate, is to reduce the clicks to conversion. If a user has to click through lots of different pages and links to either make a purchase or submit an inquiry, they’ll likely get bored or start to second guess their decision, which can significantly reduce your conversion rate. Instead, you need to make it as easy to convert as possible for the user.

For an e-commerce website, say a user lands on a collection page, it should be one click through to a product (with minimal scrolling to see products), then a click to select their size, and a click to add to cart. From here, you should provide as many different payment methods as possible, from Apple Pay, which can enable them to make the purchase really quickly, to buy now, pay later options to suit different styles of the consumer. Improving your checkout process is key to e-commerce success.

For a lead generation website, having both forms that are built into the pages themselves, clear links to contact pages, and then clickable phone numbers throughout your website will provide consistent opportunities that suit different consumers. Offering chances for them to enquire or get in touch at different points in the user journey will help cover a range of possibilities and improve your conversion rate.

Improve Your Page Speed

Something else you need to do to improve the UX is to focus on page speed. In today’s market, if a website is slow, a user will simply not sit around and wait for it to load, they’ll just go to another website. So, ensuring a website loads quickly is absolutely essential to the success of your website. There are so many things that contribute to page speed, from reducing unneeded code to removing JavaScript where possible, reducing server response times, and enabling text compression.

These will differ depending on your website specifically so we’d always recommend working with a web development agency in Manchester or London with experience in mobile speed to help make these improvements. The criteria needed to achieve good mobile speed is usually more strict than desktop, so when you make mobile improvements, it usually benefits your website overall.

Quality, Valuable Content

Last but not least, it’s important that your website has quality, valuable content. Gone are the days when a website needed thousands of words in order to perform well from an SEO perspective, so there is no need to bombard the user with lots of content. Instead, focus on having a great hero section at the top of the page to introduce the product/ service, and then the entire page of content should be focused on concise, helpful content that provides value to the user.

Final Thoughts

UX is never a tick-box exercise that can be completed once, as users are constantly evolving and so are their habits online. So, you should be ready to continue to evolve with the changing landscape so that your website provides the best possible experience for a user. When a user comes to a website and has a good experience, it immediately increases their trust in the brand and, therefore, brand loyalty moving forward. Investing in your website is the best thing you can do to help push your business to the next level.

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