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Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Minibus Taxi in London

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London is one of the favourite destinations of people all over the world. Popularly known for its art, food, architecture, and fashion, around 30 million visitors visit London annually. Travelling in a group is always fun and fascinating.  

Either you are planning a school trip, wedding event, airport transfers, corporate events, sightseeing tours, and more. Minibus is the one-stop solution for all travel destinations. 

Hiring a Minibus for your group will let you add more excitement to the trip. A minibus hire with a driver will give you a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

Let’s dive in and find the top 7 primary reasons to hire a minibus Taxi in London

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Stress-Free Trip 

You can plan your trip and book a minibus for the date and time you want to travel. The bus will arrive 30 minutes early and take you to the destination without delay. With a minibus, you can capture the beautiful London wonders while travelling. You can focus on your people and enjoy with them. For school trips, you can also organize some fun activities for students. Minibus provides you with the best services. You will get Wi-Fi, flat screens, cushiony seats, individual reading lights for those who love reading, and many more benefits with a minibus.

Comfortable Seats 

Enjoy the luxurious seats of the minibus; it provides a USB for charging a GPS to track your location. The seats are cushiony, considering that comfort should not be compromised at all. Try out 16 seater minibus hire London for a group. We also provide the 8 seater, 22 seater, 35 seater, and 49 – 72 seater for different-sized groups. All the minibuses have a modern heating and air conditioning system to give you a relaxing journey. 

Enjoy the extra Safety

Safety is another critical factor that comes to one’s mind while booking a travel transport. Travel Force minibus takes care of the security completely. To protect you in a crash, our minibus has airbags, protective equipment like seat belts, anti-lock brakes, high beam assist, driver control system, blind spot assist and all the other safety measures. 

Large Luggage Storage 

While travelling with a group of people, you require ample storage so that all the luggage fits in the storage area. We understand your concern and have large luggage storage to keep you cosy and stress-free over the route in a minibus taxi in London

Convenient Group Travel 

When travelling with your group, you want to enjoy with them and have a hassle-free drive. Minibus provides all the required facilities such as a clean toilet, fridge to keep your food fresh, music system, Bluetooth, privacy windows and much more. For more convenient services, minibus hire with driver will be there for your effortless travel. You will save on parking, time driving and be energized with a minibus. 

Cost Effective 

Travelling in London with a large group requires a high budget. Private transport like a cab will cost you much more elevated and divide the group. And public vehicles like buses, planes, or trains will give you a 50% to 60% more cost than a minibus taxi in London. It is the most convenient option for a large group of people. In a minibus, you and your group can divide the fare, which will be cheap and affordable.  

Reliable Driver 

We hire experienced drivers who have driven to different kinds of routes and are licensed. You can entirely rely on the driver. Going to a corporate event, wedding, school trip, night outs, or anywhere else needs you to be fully relaxed. This will help you to give full attention to the event and enjoy it there wholly. 

Wrap up 

Travelling adds a lot of experience and learnings to your life. It must be fun and adventurous. There are a lot of places to explore rather than waiting for a bus or train and spending money on these high-budget travel transports.  

A minibus hires a driver to help you explore many places, events, parties, and much more compared to other transports. Book your minibus now with Travel Force and get luxurious services for you and your group.

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