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Essential Tips for a House Move in Summers

by Alex Allen
Essential Tips for a House Move in Summers

Summers are the most convenient time for people living in colder parts to plan a house moves. It is one of the favorable seasons to move your house as it offers incredible benefits. Many people move house during the summer holidays than any other season of the year. It implies the demand for removal companies escalates which means you must book early to get your mover early. Booking early also means you obtain the effective price for your removal services because prices can shoot when there is no last-minute availability.

It’s quite hot in the summers

There is a huge impact of summers on your move. Packing and carrying boxes is manual work, and this can be more challenging for you or moving professionals when it’s unbearably hot. 

Tips for Moving House in Summers

Prepare for your Move early

When it is about moving your house, preparing early is crucial and this becomes critically important when moving your house in summer. When it is about the removal process, begin by selecting 3 or 4 removal companies you consider would be ideal and invite them all to get a move consultant to conduct a survey and create a quote at the earliest. You don’t have to know your moving dates at this juncture. However, complete this time-consuming job and lock in your move date as soon as possible so that you can save a few dates. Amidst busy periods, it takes days to schedule your survey appointment.

If you stress about price when getting quotes, then an ultimate money-saving tip is to ensure that you have to do a thorough declutter and arrange the house before requesting quotes. Less goods to move minimizes the price and also makes packing and unpacking easier and quicker. 

Avoid a House Move on Fridays

Fridays are the busiest days of the week for the removals, so avoid your transition during weekends. We understand people are free on weekends as there is no office, school, or college. Moreover, your solicitors and real estate agents will also be busier on Fridays than on any other day of the week, so you will face issues with financial transactions and paperwork. If it’s possible, schedule your move at the start or the middle of the week, especially if run out of budget as there can be more margin for bargaining with a removal company. If you’re left with no choice but to move on Friday, then book everything in advance and ensure you’ve informed your bank and utility companies of the move in advance to ensure some relief.

Don’t hire low-quality movers to save budget

Think about the risks. Accreditations, experience, and recommendations are crucial. BAR companies adhere to an approved code of practice, including terms and conditions that include pre-payment protection if they cancel your transition. Things you must look out for while booking a BAR company include the grade of crew training, insurance policies provided, materials needed to pack your items, and reviews from other customers available on the BAR website. 

Pre-empt the unexpected

The unexpected will be more likely to occur even with how hard you plan. If you’re anxious about your changed move date and your chosen mover, therefore not suiting your plan, then you must cancellation of your booking. 

Don’t forget your kids

If you’re relocating in summer, then it will more likely coincide with the summer holidays. Moving can be daunting for kids, so you must experience no stress while arranging your belongings. Ensure to spend quality time with them and prepare them for the changes that come ahead— maybe they are about to join a new school after summer or are separating from other family members that they live with regularly. Always speak positively about your new house and the life you will live there. 

On the Moving Day in the Sultry Summer

In the upcoming week of the moving day, ensure you’ve crafted your schedule. Check what time the removal crew will show up, ensure you’ve packed everything in your inventory, and inform the removal company about the extras to be moved If you require any extra packaging boxes, check your arrangements for childcare or pet sitters.

Follow these tips while house moving in summer. If you need a storage facility, choose moving and storage companies.

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