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Navigating the Formula 1 Urban Jungle

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Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsport. It is renowned for its diverse range of race circuits that challenge drivers in various ways. Among the exciting array of tracks, street circuits hold a unique allure.

As the name suggests, these races unfold on the very streets of the host cities. The absence of dedicated race tracks in these urban landscapes necessitates this innovative approach. It turns streets into intricate courses that push teams to their limits.

This article will shed more light on Formula 1 car races.

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Which Formula 1 Races are street circuits?

As the name suggests, street circuit races are the races that take place on the streets of the race-hosting city. It happens when the city does not have any race track built specifically for the races.

Hence, as a result, the streets & roads that were planned to be used by consumer cars are transformed into Formula 1 circuits. These circuits provide a challenging grid of turns and corners to which the drivers go at the highest possible speeds.

How many street circuits are there in Formula 1?

In 2023, many Formula 1 races are going to take place on the street circuits. In fact, the number this time is at an all-time high of 7 races. These races are:

  1. Saudi Arabia
  2. Monaco
  3. Australia’s Melbourne
  4. Azerbaijan’s Baku
  5. USA’s Miami
  6. Singapore
  7. Las Vegas

These many street races are going to take the adrenaline rush to the next level. The Formula 1 fans will have extra fun watching the cars going with millimeters of clearance around these tracks.

What is the toughest street circuit in Formula 1?

The toughest street circuit in Formula 1 is that of the Monaco Grand Prix. Monaco is organizing its 80th Grand Prix this year, and it still manages to remain the toughest track in the F1 history. 

The most famous and difficult track on the Formula 1 schedule is the Circuit de Monaco. There is no space for error on the street circuit due to its tight lanes, abrupt curves, and punishing obstacles. 

The Monte Carlo section of the circuit is the most well-known part since it is narrow and winding and challenges drivers to take sharp turns slowly while avoiding obstacles. Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton describes this circuit as if someone is trying to ride a bicycle in their living room.

What are the easiest F1 circuits to get to?

Monza Grand Prix is the easiest Formula 1 track that the drivers experience. It is because of the fact that this track has the fewest corners among all the tracks in Formula 1. However, the drivers need to hit each and every corner with the highest accuracy. If the drivers fail to do so, they may get behind by a larger margin on the upcoming straight.

The easiest track in Formula 1 can be subjective. But still, Monza tops the chart because of the lowest number of curves and turns.

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