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Why Leonardo DiCaprio Endorses Lab-Grown Diamonds

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Since his movie, Blood Diamond, Leonardo DiCaprio has been very outspoken about the problems that arise from mining natural diamonds. As an advocate for human, environmental, and animal rights, it’s no surprise that he’s putting his money from a successful acting career to good use by supporting organizations and businesses that minimize the impact of natural diamonds. One way he does this is by endorsing lab-grown diamonds.

If you’re wondering why Leonardo DiCaprio supports lab-grown diamonds and how you can follow in his footsteps, you’ve come to the right place! Learn more about these stones and how DiCaprio is ensuring their popularity here!

What Are Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Natural diamonds are made from carbon over billions of years under the Earth’s crust, becoming sparkling gems due to the pressure and heat at depths of over 100 km. Lab-grown diamonds, on the other hand, are grown by humans using a few different techniques, like CVD (chemical vapor deposition) and HPHT (high pressure, high temperature).

Both processes use a tiny seed from a natural diamond to jumpstart the creation process and ensure flawless results. These methods of growing diamonds take about a month and result in a stone that is indistinguishable from natural diamonds to the naked eye.

With a growing movement toward conflict-free stones, many diamond sellers are choosing to work with suppliers who create diamonds or guarantee ethical mining practices.

What Are Blood Diamonds?

According to The Kimberly Process, the organization that regulates rough diamond trade, about 0.1% of natural diamonds are conflict diamonds. These “blood diamonds” are stones that have been metaphorically tainted by conflict. Some diamond mines use slaves or pay low wages, some use the profits to fund civil war and conflict, and some utilize mining practices that destroy the environment. Often, diamond mining displaces people and animals in order to access areas that are rich in gems.

The regions most heavily affected by mining include Liberia, Angola, Sierra Leone, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. These countries suffer from turmoil, environmental degradation, and severe human rights violations that are perpetuated by the diamond trade.

Choosing Ethics & Sustainability

Choosing Ethics & Sustainability

Whether you’re creating a custom ring or buying off the shelf from a company that uses created diamonds, you can trust that your purchase will fund no conflict, displace no people, harm no animals, and pollute no water. With every purchase, you’re choosing ethics and sustainability over pain, war, and conflict.

Leonardo DiCaprio believes so strongly in lab-created diamonds that he has funded several companies that make these stones their focus. He is an investor in companies like Vrai and Diamond Foundry that produce lab-grown diamonds of the same quality as natural diamonds. These aren’t the only options, though! Tons of fine jewelry companies have made it their mission to transition away from natural diamonds, selling only lab-grown stones!

Alternative Options

In addition to lab-grown diamonds, many companies are also expanding into other gemstones. While there isn’t as much conflict surrounding other precious stones, like sapphires and emeralds, mining them can still damage the environment and create sustainability issues. Instead, companies are creating stones like moissanite, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and topaz in a lab.

Following in DiCaprio’s Footsteps

Many other celebrities and social media influencers also believe in the lab-grown diamond movement for fashion jewelry, engagement rings, wedding bands, and much more. Bindi Irwin wears a created diamond engagement ring, Penelope Cruz teamed up with a company to design a collection of red-carpet-ready lab-grown jewelry, and Emma Watson only wears lab-created gemstones to events.

A number of celebrities also wore lab-grown diamonds to the Met Gala to make a statement, including FKA Twigs, Eva Chen, Lizzo, Pamela Anderson, and Cara Delevigne. They’re all pushing a message of sustainability to ensure a more ethical future for humanity and the environment.

Choosing Lab-Grown Stones

So whether you’re planning a wedding or treating yourself to some jewelry just because lab-grown stones are the right choice for anyone who cares about the origins of their products, when you shop for lab-grown stones, you’re making a more ethical, sustainable choice for the future. Protect the planet and the people most severely affected by diamond mining when you opt for lab-grown stones today!

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