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The Chilled Delights: A Deep Dive Into The Realm of Frozen Foods

Frozen Foods

by Eden Farm
Frozen Foods

Frozen foods have played an important role in UK homes since the introduction of the first frozen ready-to-eat meal in 1953. As food products get more highly advanced, so do the consumers. Most families are searching for the most nutritious meals while getting the best value for their money

However, there is a misconception about these frozen products: they are unhealthy.

This view is incorrect because, undoubtedly, it is based on faulty understanding.

Here are the facts:

  • Frozen meals, vegetables and fruits are healthy and economical as well.
  • Freezing foods is one of the most ideal ways to preserve the nutrients and vitamins contained in the foods.
  • They may be cheaper than fresh alternatives.
  • Fresh produce is delivered immediately to companies doing the freezing after harvest, and they are frozen while still in peak freshness and packed without salt or any preservatives. No nutrients are lost during the freezing process.

Besides the above, there are many reasons why people choose to buy and use frozen items.

Less waste.

Frozen products help reduce food waste because you get only what you need. While you save on costs, you can also help the environment. Their extended shelf life and easy dividing into portions are an added benefit.


Frozen goods offer an unmatched convenience. They are fresh, fast and delicious. Ready-to-eat meals, pre-cut vegetables, etc., can save you time in the kitchen. Truly, they tick all the boxes for all your meals.

No added preservatives. Vegetables are picked, washed and blanched at the peak of ripeness. They are packed without adding preservatives, as their vitamins, minerals and nutrients have been locked in during freezing, and microorganisms will not grow on them.

An added advantage of frozen products is that you can buy them in bulk, keep them in your freezer, and use them only when needed. You’ll find them as good as the fresh products, and cheaper, too. Stock your freezer full of these foods, and you won’t have to worry about empty freezers and no cooked food when you get home.

For example, if you are a fan of Wall’s ice cream UK you can buy them in bulk, and you’ll love doing this because you will have so many flavour options.  You can also find many fun ways to enjoy your ice cream. Ice cream has many fun varieties, so enjoying it is easy.

If you have a small store of frozen desserts, buying wholesale ice lollies will allow you to have something to sell to your community and earn an income.  

If you need advice or additional information about frozen goods, please do not hesitate to call Eden Farm Hulleys. We are a reputable distributor and wholesaler of frozen products, including ice cream and ice lollies. We will be happy to help if you intend to establish a frozen food business or wish to become a supplier and distributor. Our friendly customer care representatives have a way with people and will answer your queries. 

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