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Share Your Valuable Health Insights as a Guest Contributor on Our Blog

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Share Your Valuable Health Insights as a Guest Contributor on Our Blog

In the present globalized world, sharing health-related knowledge and experiences plays a very important role in encouraging good health. Health-related problems are growing and therefore, there is a growing demand for different views of people and expert advice. 

At GoBookmarking, we know the power of spreading true information and connecting with different people. By sharing the right write for us t information, it is possible to encourage good health and vitality. Therefore, we are inviting passionate writers, bloggers, health experts, or individuals to enroll in our community and share their valuable knowledge related to health.

What We’re Looking For

1. Original Content

At GoBookmarking, we want original and authentic content so that our readers get true knowledge. Therefore, we would like to request contributors to come up with unique ideas. We want to encourage them to share their personal experiences, research findings, etc. At this platform, we want to provide something valuable to our readers. 

2. Diversity of Topics

At GoBookmarking, we cover various categories ranging from health to entertainment to technology. Under the health category, we welcome a wide range of topics. Whether it is related to physical fitness, nutrition, healthy lifestyle, or mental health, we approve these topics. When various experts from different fields share their knowledge related to the health category, then readers find something really valuable. It helps to meet the needs and demands of various readers.

3. Well-Researched Content

Along with personal experiences, we also welcome research-based information. Therefore, it is recommended that you support your sentences with credible sources. This practice will help you to gain the trust of readers. If your content is well-researched, then you will receive good and impactful responses from your audience.

If you want to share anything related to the latest health trend, share tips, share personal stories, etc. GoBookmarking is the platform to share your voice. 

Why Contribute?

1. Reach Your Targeted Audience

Become a guest contributor at GoBookmarking and leverage the opportunity to reach a wide group of audience. Whether you are a passionate blogger or an experienced health professional or want your personal health experience, your voice matters. By contributing your unique insights, you can inspire many others and help them in their journey to embrace good health. 

2. Expand Your Network

By contributing your unique content, you will not just help people to empower them in their health journey, but connect with like-minded people. It will help in expanding your network which can further open doors to various other new opportunities. When you indulge in a community of diverse people sharing a common goal, then you not only share but learn as well.  By making meaningful contributions, you can make some good connections.

3. Establish Authority

When you continuously post relevant and informational content for the health category, then you are representing yourself as a thought leader. People start trusting you and want to learn more from you. Ultimately, you establish your authority in the community. Whether you have experience in fitness, mental health, or any other area in the health industry, you can shine your experience by contributing your content.

We welcome various topics and it is indicated in the below picture:

write for us

What We Want In Our Health “Write for Us” Contributor

To become our Health “Write for us” contributor, you need to meet some key qualities. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Subject Matter Expertise

To become a contributor, the writer must have a proven track record and rich experience in the health industry. This experience could be due to academic qualifications, professional expertise, or passion for this field.

  • Engaging Writing Style

We want our readers to engage with your content. Therefore, your writing style plays an imperative role. It is important to ensure that your content should be clear and easy to understand. Therefore, we suggest writers add relatable examples, include supporting images, use a conversation tone, and add subheadings as well.

  • Unique Perspective

Health is quite a common subject, but we are still looking for fresh and innovative ideas. Your unique perspective on your content and adding lesser-known information will help readers to learn something new. Therefore, we want writers who are capable of bringing a unique spin to their topics.

  • Actionable Advice

Readers are always in search of tips and tricks that can be implemented in real life. Therefore, we want writers who can provide practical and actionable tips that people can use in reality. If you want to give some suggestions or guidance, then we encourage readers to write a step-by-step guide.  

  • SEO-Optimized

We want that all your submissions should be optimized for search engines so that they are visible to your targeted audience. Therefore, we would like to request writers to add appropriate keywords and use header tags as well.

We would love to hear from you if you think you have what it takes to produce worthwhile, educational content that complies with our “Health Care Write for Us requirements! To find out more about the submission procedure, continue reading.

How to Get Started

1. Research Unique Topic

It is the first step to being a guest contributor at GoBookmarking.

If you want to become a guest contributor at GoBookmarking, then you should start by searching for a unique topic related to health. 

You should start by collecting various information related to that topic. Collecting ideas will be helpful to you in writing your article. GoBookmarking is always in search of new perspectives and impressive stories that can resonate with our readers.

2. Write with Passion

Once you have selected the topic and collected the ideas, it is time to convert them into meaningful sentences. Pour your ideas into your articles to inspire and encourage your audience. You can choose any form of an article such as listicles, How-To-Guides, Researched topics, or trending topics. We are open to any format of article.

3. Work Together and Refine 

We will review your article to ensure that your content meets our guidelines. Also, we will ensure that it is unique and valuable for our readers. To resonate your content with our readers, we may suggest some modifications. After modifications, your article will get published on our platform. 


By contributing your content to our health community blog, you will not just become a guest writer but also get a chance to impact the lives of others. It will give you a chance to encourage and empower people to choose the right path for their good health and fitness. Why then wait? Come be a part of our dynamic community. At GoBookmarking, we are committed to fostering everyone’s health and vitality, by joining us today. 

Together, let’s make a difference. So, start contributing!

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