Reduce The Consumption Of Your Swimming Pool


The beautiful days will soon make their appearance: you will be able to share good moments of relaxation in your outdoor swimming pool! Owning a swimming pool is an investment that requires maintenance. There are several solutions to take full advantage of your outdoors while reducing your energy costs. You can contact Swimming Pool Builder Construction Company in Leicester. Discover our tips for saving money and adopting an eco-responsible approach.

Choose an energy offer adapted to your needs! By using an electricity price comparator, you will be able to have an overview of the main energy suppliers as well as their prices.

Opting for a green energy offer can be an interesting alternative. Green energy refers to the production of electricity from gas from renewable resources, that is to say of natural origin.

How to reduce the energy consumption of your swimming pool?

Choosing your energy supplier is an important step in managing your electricity consumption. Subscribe to a subscription with Total Direct Energie? Opt for an EDF contract or an ENI contract? The solutions are many and the choice is yours.

The maintenance costs for your pool will vary depending on its size and shape. In order to minimize your energy consumption, it is necessary to determine the various energy-intensive elements necessary for the proper functioning of your pool, such as:

  • The filtration system (the pump);
  • Water treatment devices;
  • Heating;
  • Lighting.

Our advice: do not run the filter pump during off-peak hours. You won’t save money. During the day, the water will be filtered continuously and more efficiently, because bacteria will not have time to settle on the bottom of your pool.

Water consumption is an important cost to consider. Contrary to popular belief: do not completely empty your pool every year. It is necessary to renew a certain volume of water certainly, but not all of your swimming pool.

It is important to use a cover to protect your pool after each use. The cover prevents water evaporation and prevents possible over consumption.

By browsing this page, you will be able to understand in detail your electricity consumption and ensure that it really corresponds to your energy consumption.

When it comes to lighting your exterior and your swimming pool, LED lamps are the best alternative today. They will allow you to obtain an optimal quality of lighting and their energy consumption is very low.

Regularly check the hydrogen potential of your pool water! The pH indicates the acidity of the water: in a swimming pool, it must be neutral (equal to 0). Use quality cleaning products sparingly. The required dose is sufficient.

As you have seen throughout this article, enjoying your pool while saving energy is possible! Adopt the right reflexes and bathe in peace.

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