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Ready, Set, Transform! 4 Changes to Make Your Life Amazing

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Ready, Set, Transform! 4 Changes to Make Your Life Amazing

Feeling stuck in a rut? Longing for a life that feels more vibrant and fulfilling? You’re not alone! But the good news is that you are in control of your life so you can transform it when and how you want. We have more control over things than you think we do and creating a more amazing life for yourself doesn’t need to take any drastic measures. In fact, there are small and sustainable changes that could be made that will make the best long-term transformations.

So if you are in a mental state to make a difference in your life and ditch the feeling of being low and unfulfilling, let’s dive into the six changes you can make right now and just watch your whole life and outlook transform.

No Time Like The Present

If you are one of those people who are constantly saying “I will quit this week” “I need to quit” and all that jazz then there is no time like the present to bite the bullet and actually go through what you’ve clearly been seeking out for your life. This could be anything from smoking, drinking, or eating unhealthy food.

This has to be something you genuinely want and are willing to go cold turkey with and the best part is that you actually will notice a huge positive impact on both your physical and mental wellbeing. If going cold turkey isn’t something you are prepared for but are still willing to make a healthier change then there are better alternatives for example you could attempt to limit your unhealthy food to one cheat day a week or use nicopods instead of smoking. There are so many solutions that there isn’t really any excuse for it anymore.

30 Minutes a Day

Make a promise to yourself that you will do something active or move your whole body for at least 30 minutes a day. It’s a small fraction of your time during the day and has so many long-term health benefits you can’t afford not to.

Attempting to do a busy girl workout, a local run or even skipping in the back garden these little things can go a long way and keep your mind, body, and soul connected. A good method to keep you accountable when you are feeling unmotivated is the 3,2,1 method. This motivation method essentially is a count down and on one you don’t even think about it and go do what you know needs to be done. It not only is a good way to snap you out of procrastination but has this rewarding feeling at the end of it.

You Don’t Need It

As we go through life, we tend to collect a bunch of things that we definitely do not need, and it can create a room of clutter around us. This can mentally impact us because we will tend to feel chaotic if chaos surrounds us. It’s hard to let go of things that might be sentimental to us but you’ve just got to think about what I need, what actually needs to stay, and what I can pass on to charity for someone else to appreciate.

You must have a tidy space to promote a tidy mind. This will give you more motivation to get things done but it will also allow you to focus your attention on things that matter. Start with clothes and shoes and then move on to the boxes and drawers that tend to fill up with rubbish throughout the years. After this has been done, you will begin to feel like a brand new person.

Be Nice To Yourself

It’s important that we always put ourselves first. You will be surprised that changing your outlook on yourself will completely transform not only how you see life but also how others see you. I recently saw a trend online where when you say something mean about yourself, imagine saying that yourself as a child. This trend had a powerful impact on social media for good reasons because it was completely true. We are still the little humans we once were, just a bit older than society has asked us to be.

Being kind to yourself should be the bare minimum; therefore, you should eat well, exercise, and drink plenty of water because you deserve the bare minimum. Another way to show yourself some love would be to practice mindfulness by saying a couple of affirmations a day, such as “I am kind, I am beautiful, and I am worthy.” It may seem cringeworthy at first but from personal experience, it completely changed my outlook and I began to believe everything I was saying because I am all of the above and there is no reason why you shouldn’t believe that about yourself.

Final Thoughts

Making these little changes right now will completely change your life for the better. As I said before, they are the bare minimum that we all deserve.

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