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Quality with AI Content or Human Based? | What You need to Know

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Quality with AI or Human Content Writing

Do you know the market size of artificial intelligence is expected to reach $407 billion by the end of 2027?

Any content that is generated using machine learning technologies and artificial intelligence tools is known as AI content. The text that is generated using AI consists of articles, news reports, ad copies, product reviews, and other types of content. 

The AI makes use of NLP, which is natural language processing, to analyse the human language, and create grammatically correct and meaningful content. On the contrary, visual content consists of creating new videos and images using AI tools.

Since the arrival of ChatGpt and other AI tools, content creation has become very popular as people can create content using AI. But you know what? Every coin has two sides!

AI can create unlimited content in a short amount of time, enabling individuals and businesses to create large quantities of content.

Leo Ye who is a Co-founder and CEO of CUBO, says, “One of the critical advantages of AI-generated content is its ability to produce large volumes of content quickly and efficiently. This can be particularly useful in industries where there is a high demand for fresh, up-to-date content, such as in the news and social media.”

AI can also be trained to understand a particular type of content’s tone, style, and audience, allowing it to generate content tailored to the intended audience.
However, despite these advantages, AI-generated content often lacks human-generated content’s accuracy, relevance, and creativity. This can be due to the limitations of the algorithms and data sets used to train the AI, as well as the challenges of replicating human-like reasoning and decision-making.”

Advantages Of AI Content

1. Time-Saving: 

AI creates content faster than humans do. So, it is time-saving. It creates blogs and articles in a matter of seconds. Hence, it is time-effective.

2. Scalability: 

If we ask humans, they can only write 1000 words in an hour or two but when it comes to AI, it can generate multiple blogs in that period.

3. Cost Effective: 

Humans charge more for writing whereas the cost of AI is much less comparatively.

But What about Humans? Will AI surpass the creativity and imagination of human writers?

Advantages Of Human Content

1. Emotional Connection:

The human written content brings an emotional connection and connects the people. This creates a sense of understanding among them.

2. Creativity:

Human writers can incorporate creativity in their writing. They can add puns, experiences, personal stories, etc. This keeps the readers engaged and hooked till the end.

3. Originality:

The humans create 100% original content that is fresh and unique. Whereas AI creates redundant and not-so-unique content.

AI Lacks Emotions And Empathy

When it comes to content creation, two aspects matter the most, they are context and emotions. These two determine whether your content will connect with the audience or not.

Artificial intelligence is emotionless, it lacks emotions and empathy. But, humans are emotional creatures. When they write, they bring emotions, empathy, and humor to the content. All this brings a sense of belongingness among the readers.

Also, context plays a significant role in creating good content. A nicely presented context can increase the ability of writers to convey the concepts in a much better way.  Also, human writers better understand what the audience wants and then create the content in that way. 

In addition to this, humans are better at understanding context and they write exceptionally as they do not have limited thinking ability. They write after researching properly about the target audience. Whereas AI only writes as much as it has been fed. It cannot think and write considering the focus audience.

To summarise this, we would say, no doubt AI is good in many ways, like automating tasks and taking a little help in research. But if you ask us, can we write the whole blog without human touch, then NO! Artificial intelligence is not at all reliable and it lacks quality. 

Humans are the best when it comes to creating compelling, authentic, readable content that ranks!

AI Writing Needs Human Editing

They say, AI will replace the writers, but have you given a thought to the fact that you can’t post content generated by AI without editing it? Yes, content generated by AI is not fully correct and reliable, that’s why it requires human editing. 

If you post the content without editing, then your content will be considered spam because it contains grammatical errors, factual errors, and formatting errors. You are required to add human creativity, humor, data, and statistics to make the AI content look like human content.

Undoubtedly, Artificial Intelligence can assist writers in research, and keyword generation, but it can’t fully write a good piece of content. So, the jobs of human writers are not going anywhere, it is just here! And AI can assist but can never replace humans!

AI detectors | Do we need AI Detectors?

Well, First have a look into its Disadvantages

1. Plagiarism And Quality Issues:

Artificial intelligence writers do not generate new ideas, they keep on rephrasing the old content. The search engines can detect the AI content if it is not authentic and informative.

AI content leads to degraded quality and readability also decreases because it is just a result of combining different articles available on the internet.

2. Absence Of  Creativity:

AI creates plain content, it lacks creativity because it works on certain algorithms and not emotions. This makes the content less creative, which is bad for Google.

Have a look at what Former Facebook research data says about AI content:

3. Needs Human Editing

AI content cannot be published as it is. It needs human editing and supervision before publishing. AI content becomes publish-worthy only when it is edited by a human first. This means that even if AI is creating content quickly, then it is dependent on humans for quality checks.

Now, think on your own about all the issues above, do we still need AI Detector? The Answer is Whenever AI is that capable of not providing the above problems in its content, then we surely don’t need AI Detectors anymore.

But what just AI Detector do? Are AI Detector tools accurate and reliable?

Read Now: https://gobookmarking.com/ai-content-detection-tools-are-they-accurate-and-reliable/

AI detects AI, so we cannot rely on it! It is always a game of chance. But what are the discrepancies in AI content detection tools? Why are they not accurate?

Read Now: Why Do AI Content Detectors Give Inaccurate Results?

Let’s find out! 

1. Language Model Limitations

2. Evolving techniques

3. Lack of training data

AI Content Detectors

How AI Writing Detection Works?

When your content gets detected by AI even when it is human-written, you must have wondered how AI detection works, right? Well, stop wondering as we are here to answer all your questions.

Tools that generally predict AI content follow a certain set of standards. They are based on analyzing the context to the left of the following word.

The AI content detectors generally make use of a combination of NLP which is natural language processing techniques and machine learning algorithms to find out the patterns that are common in the AI-generated text.

Read now to learn how AI detection works

Quality In Human Written Content vs. AI Content 

The content generated by the AI tools depends on certain algorithms and data. This AI-generated content can be a bit boring. It is stuffed with keywords, and everything else about it is good, but it lacks the quality that keeps the readers hooked. And quality, that’s what matters the most, right?

Without tonality, creativity, or local language, AI tends to be boring, flat, and plain. For these quality reasons, human-written content is better than AI-generated content.

Also, several inconsistencies in the factual errors have been seen in the AI-generated content, which again is a big drawback of AI content. When it is used for SEO purposes, AI content has to undergo human editing to ensure that it’s relevant, updated, and accurate.

To conclude, we can say that the content generated by artificial intelligence is good, it has keywords and everything. Whereas, human-written content is high quality, relevant, and up-to-date. 

Creativity In Human Written Content

Human writers have an edge over AI writers when it comes to puns and wordplay. The reason behind this is a lack of creativity in the AI tools.

Wordplay is the art of manipulating words to create witty remarks, jokes, and comments in writing. It is a very effective tool to keep the readers and audience hooked and connected with the writing. 

Surely, AI can analyze a wide range of transcripts and text, but it does not understand the meaning and the context behind it. Also, it lacks the quality of adding wordplay and puns in the writing. It writes flat and plain sentences. 

Can AI Replace Content Writers?

Artificial intelligence has brought a big question mark on content writers. Will AI replace content writers? The short answer to this is ‘NO’. AI will not replace content writers as no one can replace humans.

Though, artificial intelligence is the talk of the town these days. Since its arrival, people have been using it badly.  But with each passing day, the content created by AI is becoming more human and rational. At the same time, it is becoming redundant and copied.

But the thing is, it can never take the place of writers. Emotional intelligence and empathy are needed to write something, and AI lacks that. The advantages of AI are less and the disadvantages are plenty. The cons of artificial intelligence outweigh its pros. So, AI might never be emotionally intelligent like humans.

For now, we can say, it will not replace humans, then we never know what might happen next.

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