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Know About the Hair Transplant: Process, Cost and Results

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Hair Transplant London

A frequent issue that millions of individuals experience worldwide is hair loss. However, there are
several ways to manage hair loss. But hair transplant surgery is one of the best and most durable
options. We shall examine the method, price, and outcomes of hair transplant surgery in this blog.

What is a Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is a surgical process. In which hair is transplanted in the recipient area from the donor
area. Hair is transplanted in the recipient area from the donor area. Follicular unit transplantation (FUT)
or follicular unit extraction can be used to carry out the transplant.

The donor region is prepared for FUT by removing a strip of skin after, which is then divided into
individual hair follicles. With a specialised instrument, individual hair follicles are extracted at Mittal Hair
Clinic. During the FUE transplant process, they extract individual follicles from the donor location. The
technique used will rely on the specific requirements of the patient and the surgeon’s discretion.

How Much is a Hair Transplant?

The size of the treatment, the technique employed, and the clinic’s location. All these things affect the
price of a hair transplant. The typical cost of a hair transplant in the best hair transplant clinic in London
is between £2,500 – £6,500. It is crucial to remember that the price might go up and down as per the
involved operations or for people who need several sessions. We will suggest you do your research and
ask about the overall process cost before taking a hair transplant. But do not go for the cheaper also.
Look at the feedback that they received from their client.

Certainly, hair transplant surgery is regarded as a long-term remedy for baldness. The hair follicles that
are transplanted are obtained from genetically resistant regions of the scalp. That transplanted hair will
continue to develop hair in the recipient location. It is crucial to remember that hair transplant surgery
does not stop more hair loss from happening in other scalp regions.

How Successful is a Hair Transplant?

The age of the patient, the degree of hair loss, and the caliber of the donor’s hair are some of the
variables that affect a hair transplant’s effectiveness. Typically, 90% of hair transplant surgeries are
successful. Most patients saw noticeable hair growth 6 to 12 months after the surgery. Nowadays, due
to the high success rate and quick recovery time. Many people opt to take a hair transplant to get an
attractive look.

It is crucial to understand that hair transplant surgery is a cure for baldness. It is the best hair loss
treatment for women. Other treatments may be required to preserve the effects. Moreover, patients
can take action to stop additional hair loss by adopting hair loss treatments or altering their lifestyles.
That includes the process of relieving stress and enhancing their general well-being.


The look and self-confidence of a patient can be significantly enhanced by hair transplant surgery, which
is a safe and successful treatment for hair loss. The cost of the treatment varies based on a number of
variables. Therefore, it’s essential to select a trained and experienced surgeon.

While having a hair transplant is seen to be a permanent cure for hair loss, other parts of the scalp might
still lose hair. Nonetheless, the success rate is about 90%, and the majority of patients have noticeable
hair growth following the surgery.

Take consultation from a trained and experienced surgeon as they have experience and expertise in the
different hair transplant processes. If you are thinking about having a hair transplant, then take it from
Mittal Hair Clinic. Many patients can benefit from a full head of hair for many years to come with the
right upkeep and care. Do your research and get great results from hair transplants.

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