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Is GPT-4.5 Cost Leak Showing the Progression of AI Advancement?

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GPT-4.5 Cost Leak

GPT-4.5 Cost Leaked! Fake or real? No concrete proof yet. But, people are predicting GPT 4.5 will be here soon. Is this cost leak showing that AI is advancing? To get the answer to this question, first, find out what people are talking about and what this GPT 4.5 will bring for us.

Let’s make this discussion interesting by diving deep into the GPT 4.5 cost leak. Also, we will be providing a lot of interesting information that may surprise you. 

Some influential people are posting on X (formerly Twitter) that the GPT 4.5 Open AI launch is around the corner. Some of them are even predicting that this launch will most likely happen before the end of December. Speculations are buzzing around different social media platforms and tech communities. But there are no verified sources that confirm the same news. 

GPT 4.5 Cost leak image shared by a post on X or Twitter by @daniel_nguyenx. This post led to an interesting discussion on X and Reddit as well.

Image: Tweet By @daniel_ngyuyenx

Image: GPT 4.5 Cost Leak’s Post On X or Twitter

The image shown above looks like a draft page of an open AI website that has leaked. The URL shown above the image clearly indicates that this page is in the drafts and not available for the public. It is not sure how this leak happened but it has started a lot of conversations on social media platforms.  

Let’s talk about the tweet made by @Jimmy Apples, a popular name who has made accurate predictions about many large language models (LLM). 

Image: Jimmy Apples’ Tweet 

There is one more tweet @flowers from the future that I want to add to this article which indicates that the cost leak may not be fake.

If these tweets, discussions, and predictions are accurate, this new model of OpenAI’s GPT LLM will exceed the limits of our expectations.

We all know that Artificial generative intelligence has vast potential. ChatGPT, Google Bard, and Bing Chat are just one step towards the ladder of AI’s success. There is much more to unfold and explore. The advent of GPT 4.5 Open AI could open up many more opportunities that could revolutionize everything around us. 

What Is GPT 4.5?

GPT 4.5 is a purportedly upgraded model of Open AI’s GPT LLM. Based on speculations, this evolved version will introduce multi-modal capabilities and could outperform across language, video, audio, and 3D. These abilities are missing in the present Open AI models.

GPT 4.5 vs GPT 4

We have already mentioned that GPT 4.5 Open AI is an advanced model than GPT 4. Therefore, it is evident that this new model has more abilities than the older version. To compare these two, let’s first discuss GPT 4.

GPT 4 is Open AI’s most advanced language model right now. It is a large multimodal model that can receive inputs in the form of text and images and produce results in the form of text. Though it is capable of doing various extraordinary things, its abilities are still low compared to human-level performance.

Now it comes to GPT 4.5. As per spreading rumors, it will be a more advanced Open AI model after its launch. This model has multi-modal capabilities across different platforms encompassing audio, language, video, 3D, reasoning, and cross-modal understanding. In short, the advent of this new model will be revolutionary. Extended capabilities would help in various kinds of applications in different fields

To understand GPT 4.5, we should take a look at Gemini AI, Google’s latest LLM, capable of doing multiple tasks across multiple modalities. Launched on 6 December 2023, Gemini AI has created a buzz in the market. Do you want to know why?

As per Google  “Gemini is the first model to outperform human experts on MMLU (Massive Multitask Language Understanding), one of the most popular methods to test the knowledge and problem-solving abilities of AI models

GPT 4.5 will carry the same features as that of Gemini AI. But which one would perform the best in the market is not confirmed because GPT 4.5 is not yet available. I know everybody is eagerly waiting for this launch. And, I hope this wait will be over soon. 

Does GPT-4.5’s Cost Leak Reflect AI Progression?

In the last decade, AI has evolved at lightning speed. Ranging from beating the legendary Go player Lee Se-Dol in 2016 in Seoul, South Korea to easily recognizing images and speech better than human abilities, AI has surprised us. It has also passed various kinds of exams, including Amazon coding interviews, and tough-level business school exams.

Growing artificial intelligence has performed better than Humans in various fields. Engineers, researchers, and experts are doing their best to improve AI efficiency by training the systems. Professionals are trying to reduce the computing price and increase its efficiency to produce desired and accurate results. 

Wrap Up

In conclusion, the cost leak of GPT 4.5 shows AI is making headway and achieving new levels. Engaging discussions on social media platforms and several tweets by experts in this field are indicating that the next level of AI will be available soon. No doubt, AI is improving at an exponential rate. This improvement in the tech industry will change our future in unpredictable ways. 

We are eagerly waiting for the moment when Open AI will drop GPT 4.5 in the market. This launch will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the landscape of innovation and discovery.

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