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How does the Removal Company Storage Operate?

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If you are moving a house or an office, you must hire removal companies from Gateshead. Along with removal services, if you need moving house storage facilities, you can count on removal companies. Various companies provide their own storage facilities, so using a removal company storage is a viable option. 

The article provides you with a detailed guide focussing on removal company storage when moving house. 

Let’s look into the reasons for choosing removal company storage when moving a house.

  1. Easy: When you have to hire only one company for both moving and storage facilities, then things will be easier and organised. No separate collection and delivery agencies are needed to arrange your storage facility.
  2. Safer: Various removal companies Gateshead have to load essential items directly into a storage container at your house, and then use the same container to your new house on delivery. This reflects that your products must be handled twice. Unloading the products at a storage facility, loading and unloading again. It eliminates the risk of damage.
  3. Convenient: Various removal companies provide you with a packaging service. This protects everything inside the storage and also saves your time by employing someone else to do the work for you.
  4. Flexible: Moving companies provide rolling weekly contracts, which means if your plans change then you can organise storage for shorter or longer periods without opting for long storage periods.

How does the Removal Company Storage Operate?

There are two options for storage: self-storage or container storage with a removal company that provides you with collection and delivery services. 

Precisely, talking about a removal storage company, the Moving company collects your items, loads them onto the truck, and takes the items to the storage facility. Deliver your items back to your new home when you’re ready. You are provided with an inventory of your containers. If you want to keep track of what is going to be stored or locate a certain item if you require access.

Pre-Move Survey, which includes a home visit, video survey, or a list of items.

  1. Quote and Booking
  2. Packing if required
  3. Collection and return to storage unit
  4. Inventory provided 
  5. Delivery Booking
  6. Delivery

How to Compare Removals and Storage?

Obtain Multiple Quotes: If you don’t have any specific provider, try to get multiple quotes to ensure you get the best possible value for money. Then, you can compare different service providers. Get a list from the British Association of Removers approved Removal companies listed on their website.

Search where companies are storing your stuff: Some removal companies have their own warehouses, which are secure and weather proof. While others might not, so you can use other locations or tie with a third party partner. So, it is crucial to check whether they will accommodate your items and ensure that they are safe and protected. Check out accreditations, such as the British Association of Removers. The association ensures that your items are safe and secure with the warehouse facilities.

Check their reputation for storage: Read online reviews or ask in your community groups to discover the experiences of existing and past customers.

Access Requirements: If you want to access your things from the storage facility, ensure to make some arrangements for access. What must be the charge to have access? Do you have to give a prior notice? What are the operational hours? Can it be possible to retrieve specific items and deliver them separately? If it matters to you, you must know before choosing a provider.

Contracts: Find out whether you will be on a monthly or weekly contract. Or if your agreement is for a fixed or minimum span of time. This is crucial if there are discounts on the initial storage period because you are committed for that specific period.

Cost saving tips for removal company storage

Reduce the space you require One of the incredible ways to reduce costs is to use the least possible space. How can you do that?

  • Decluttering: Declutter your items before moving to the storage facility. 
  • Use space effectively or efficiently.

Be flexible on delivery dates: If you hire the removal company for collecting and re-delivering items, then the other part of your costs include the moving and storage facility.

By following the tips mentioned in this article, you can get the better idea of the moving and storage costs.

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