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How Air Source Heat Pumps Can Reduce Your Heating Bills in Newcastle

by Adrian Jones
How Air Source Heat Pumps Can Reduce Your Heating Bills in Newcastle

Homeowners in Newcastle are switching to air-source heat pumps to heat their homes during winter. These heat pumps reduce environmental impact. This article will help you understand a few ways that installing a heat pump can reduce your heating bills this winter:

Evaluating Your Home’s Insulation

Before switching to a new heating system, you need to evaluate your home’s insulation:

  • Air source heat pumps work most efficiently when paired with proper insulation.
  • Adding insulation to your attic, walls, and basement can help to improve the energy efficiency of your home and reduce your utility bills.
  • This allows your new heat pump to work less to keep your home comfortable, saving you money.

Understanding the System of How Heat Pumps

The heat pumps extract latent heat from outdoor air and transfer it indoors through refrigeration and airflow. This will allow them to provide 2-3 times more heating energy than the consumption of electrical power.

Reduce your winter energy bill by 25% -30 % by upgrading your heat pump from an old, inefficient one to a new one.

Taking the Advantage of Government Incentives

The UK government offers incentives to encourage homeowners to shift to renewable energy heating solutions:

  1. The domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) can provide quarterly cash payments for 7 years after the installation of a heat pump system.
  2. The payment can offset 30-40% of your heat pump’s initial purchase and ongoing operation costs over time.
  3. Due to the incentives, switching from a gas boiler to a heat pump is much more affordable and attractive for homeowners.

Heat pump systems can seem high compared to gas boilers, but the RHI payments help equal the costs while reducing the environmental impact.

Consider a Dual System

Installing a heat pump doesn’t mean that you have to completely remove your existing gas boiler. A dual heating system allows you to leverage the strengths of each for optimal efficiency:

  1. Use the heat pump as your primary heating for the majority of the season.
  2. The dual system approach provides peace of mind, knowing your gas boiler can handle peak heating demands when temperatures drop below freezing.
  3. Coordinate the systems by installing smart controls and thermostats.
  4. Properly integrating dual fuel systems ensures your home maintains comfort while maximizing cost savings. The heat pump delivers heating more efficiently for most of the year.

The flexibility of a dual fuel setup with gas boiler backup lets Newcastle homeowners confidently adopt new air source heat pump technology. You can consider boiler service Newcastle to reap the rewards of energy efficiency while retaining your existing boiler.

Take Advantage of Zoned Heating

Zoned heating systems are ideal companions for air-source heat pumps. It allows you to customize the temperature in different areas of your home based on use and personal comfort preferences.

Zoned heating works by installing dampers in ductwork and multiple thermostats in separate areas like living spaces, bedrooms, and spare rooms. The heat pump only needs to heat occupied spaces, saving energy.

Find the Right Local Installer

Work with a reputable local installer, Boiler Service Newcastle, Gas Safe registered for heat pumps. They will properly size and install your system for maximum efficiency. Choose an inverter-driven heat pump for the best energy savings. A reputable installer will also help you take full advantage of government incentives.

Something to Takeaway

Homeowners are installing a heat pump in Newcastle to reduce their heating bills while keeping warm all winter. The above tips will help homeowners ensure that your new system provides maximum savings and comfort for years.

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