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Go Viral on TikTok: The Secret Weapon of Trending Sounds

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Go Viral on TikTok: The Secret Weapon of Trending Sounds

Trending sounds on TikTok can be the difference between a video flop and a creative and clever piece that your audience loves and wants to copy and share with the trend of the song. TikTok is all about sharing fun, wit, and aesthetics, and if your brand hits the nail on the head, your content will become successful. Whether you want to create your own sound or make a fun new trend where the song blends seamlessly with it, it’s all about balance, analysis, and personality.

What Are The Statistics?

Based on our research, the most interesting statistics were as follows;
⦁ According to 88% of TikTok users, sound plays a major role in the overall experience.
⦁ Of those surveyed, 73% said they would take a break and listen to the audio-only TikTok ads.
⦁ 55% better than competitors who had the music playing.
⦁ 59% of respondents claimed to have gained new knowledge from a TikTok advertisement.

Sounds on Tiktok

Using sounds that complement the tone of your video and planning your actions to correspond with the beat of the sound you select are examples of best practices.

Trending Sounds

The clue is in the name, you can look at sounds that seem to be gaining popularity on your feed, a song you could see trending, or just see what TikTok suggests, as mentioned more below.

Sounds Library

You can search and browse the whole TikTok music library right within your TikTok Sounds Library.

How to Capitalise on Sound Content Success

Licence Popular Audio

Brand usage of sounds is restricted in the app, but brands and content creators can recognize their own licensing deals for music clips. Think of it as riding a sonic wave. By licensing trending sounds, brands can tap into existing hype and reach a massive audience already primed for engagement.

For example, if your brand is very hun, you should be aware of all the girly and empowering sounds on TikTok to reach that demographic. Imagine your product seamlessly woven into a viral dance challenge soundtracked by the hottest track—that’s brand exposure on a whole new level!

Stay Trendy

You usually gain a following for the specific content you share, and that includes sound. Sure, some content creators have gone viral for their niche—cooking videos with a nice musical accompaniment, for example—or people just like the way you speak.

This may make it difficult for you to try new things, but if this is the content that your audience enjoys and continues to interact with, then everyone wins. Remaining up to date with sound trends is a great way to draw new visitors to your page and increase the frequency of visits, especially for brands or creators who are still trying to find their place.

A digital marketing agency that provides these kinds of services could be a good choice if you are a new brand and do not know where to begin or need help getting your message across on this platform. This way, you have an outsider perspective that specializes in content creation and can get the ball rolling.

Name Your Sound

Alternatively, as was previously mentioned, making your own sound rather than utilizing one that already exists in TikTok’s library can be a great way to build your brand and gain more exposure. Make sure to give credit to your audio creation so that other TikTok users can find it and utilize it for their own TikTok videos while promoting yours at the same time.

A lot of users tend to give credit to the original with things that dance, while TikTok usually displays the sound at the bottom. When users click, they can see the original owner of the sound almost instantly.

Amplify Branded Sounds

Additionally, brands can use their own audio as a marketing tool within the app, potentially starting a trend. For example, if you are a makeup brand, you could start new challenges for artists; this creates a viral trend and boosts brand awareness.

Final Thoughts

There is no right or wrong way to make TikTok sounds work for you. There have been creators in the past who never expected or tried to make something viral and it just happened to be liked by the algorithm and its viewers. It’s important to be authentically yourself, whether you are the brand or you are representing a brand. Users are striving for and loving true authenticity so as soon as you master that part, the rest, including the sounds that work for you, will all come into place. However, research and taking advantage of the knowledge you have could speed things up.

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