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From Tweets To X: Twitter’s Bold Move That’s Breaking The Internet!

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From Tweets To X: Twitter Name Changed

The bluebird flew away! With so much buzz around Twitter these days, there is one more startling news declared by Musk.

Twitter is no more Twitter, it is now X. Yes, Twitter owner Elon Musk who acquired the brand for $44 billion in 2022 has recently altered the name of Twitter to X. He announced this news by posting a picture of the company’s headquarters with X logo on it.

Now, the bluebird is replaced by a white X.
X.com directly redirects to Twitter.com. The tweets will be known as Xs and followers as viewers, said Musk in a recent tweet.

Reason Behind The Rename

Being such a well-known and reputed brand, this is indeed a big move. But what made Musk change its name after so many years? He desired to rebrand and diversify Twitter from just a tweeting platform to an everything application.

Everything Elon has touched for decades is an “X”.

Maybe, his obsession with the letter X made the birds fly away. PayPal was originally known as X.com, his company SpaceX, X.Ai, and his kid X A-12 X Æ. He turned Twitter into an everything app and named it X.

Elon was very clear about his intentions to change Twitter to become identical to WeChat in China. It is a platform that covers other services along with messaging.

‘Twitter’ name made sense when the platform was just about 140 character messages going here and there, just like the birds tweeting. But now, the name doesn’t fit as along with messaging, users can post almost everything.

Musk also added, in the upcoming months the whole application would be transformed. More features like comprehensive communication and financial services will be added. The Twitter name doesn’t fit well with this approach, so we must bid farewell to the bluebird.

What’s Included In The X?

The ‘X’ logo symbolizes the ambition of Musk to turn it into an everything app to provide a dynamic social media experience to the users.

The rebranding of the name shows the desire of the company to revolutionize the way users communicate and interact on the platform. This signals a new era of Twitter, signaling growth and diversification.

X will not just be about tweets! It is going to be a full-fledged application offering video, audio, banking, messaging, payment, and other such features. X is powered by AI, it is going to connect us in ways we can’t even imagine. 

It takes guts to alter the identity of your brand, but it is the daring Musk who can leave the eyes wide open. Let’s see what happens next.

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