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Cultural Fusion: The Hottest Trends Inspired by Global Style

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Cultural Fusion: The Hottest Trends Inspired by Global Style

The rise of social media is introducing people to whole new worlds, including their elements of fashion, culture, and history. It has led to a whole culture fusion blending moment, especially in the fashion industry, although it’s appropriate for it to be done in an appreciative way, of course. It’s important that these traditional pieces of fashion are represented in a respectful way but also that traditions are meant to be shared and culture is meant to unite people. So all in all, it is a beautiful thing to see when all kinds of areas are met together and merged seamlessly and is eventually creating a whole new culture, if that makes sense.

Cultural fusion is taking center stage, with designers and fashionistas alike weaving together styles from different corners of the world. For example, last month was Scandinavian style and this summer Portuguese inspiration is filling the media. These exciting trends aren’t just about aesthetics and an excuse to call a ‘new trend alert’;’ it is about a celebration and a way to share these diverse aspects to bring the world together and a chance for everyone to explore and express themselves with different elements of fashion that they may not have been introduced to before.

So we’ve decided to put together some of the hottest trends in cultural fusion at the moment.

Kimono Jackets

Traditionally, a Japanese garment is known for its wide sleeves, bright colors, and intricate patterns. It has been a symbol of elegance in Japan for centuries and can be worn to many events, such as weddings, festivals, ceremonies, and much more. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on an authentic kimono, you will notice it is made from luxury fabrics such as silk and has perfectly stitched patterns across the whole piece.

The global adaptation of the kimono is now modernly used as a versatile piece of clothing. It has been represented in the media as one of Lady Gaga’s many iconic looks, a kimono. They have been transformed into the fashion industry, with shorts and more casual materials being worn more in a day-to-day manner.

Kimono jackets are now celebrated across the West for their beauty, versatility, and elegant look they bring to outfits.

African Beaded Accessories

African beadwork is an ancient craft with deep cultural roots; it tends to be vibrant colors and patterns and with that, they hold a symbolic meaning. Across the African continent, these beads are identifiers to convey social status, tribal affiliation, and personal identity. They might wear multiple beads around their torso, wrists, and ankles.

These beaded accessories, especially around the waist, have gained international recognition, especially when individuals are walking through the streets, paying homage to their ancestors’ homes. Modern designers have seen the representation of these stunning and symbolic beads, and it has inspired contemporary accessories such as belly chains, bags, necklaces, and earrings.

These pieces are not only visually striking and culturally appropriate but they are also paying the ultimate homage to the routes of these rich pasts of African culture.

Scandinavian Minimalism

The viral Scandinavian fashion trends have taken social media by storm. They are renowned for their chic minimalist fashion choices and are familiarly characterized by clean lines, neutral colors, and functionality. They embody everything that is simple and just seem to dress for a range of occasions. Maxmilism within streetwear and Y2K has taken the world by storm so it was no surprise that a minimalism trend was about to come back into the mix.

It seems that everyone wants to reach for quality, timeless pieces more than hop on and off trends and Scandinavian style offers those key points by offering people quality over quantity. Their pieces tend to be designed more practically, with the aim of going with a range of outfits through many seasons, which explains their popularity in the past couple of months.

Portuguese Blues

Through my scrolling on social media and consistent online shopping, I have come across the upcoming trend of the summer and it seems that Portuguese styles are going to take over the Scandinavian minimalist style. Portuguese styles tend to be centered around the color blue, which is very dominant in this country because of its proximity to the sea. Not only that, but they love linen, leather, cork, and traditional tile patterns. All these elements show the charming and effortless chic that they have mastered.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to note that inspiration from these cultures fashion, heritage, and culture should always be respected and therefore taking great care of what you wear and how you wear it should be researched. For example, you wouldn’t just wear a black abaya for the sake of it; you need to understand where it comes from, why it’s worn, and appreciate those parts.

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