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Best Universities In Canada: It’s Not Difficult to Choose

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Studying abroad is nothing but the one sincere dreams of many scholars. It not only develops superior wisdom in scholars but also offers doors to career advancement opportunities. Among others, Canada is the heart of top-class universities in the world. During the pandemic, the study rate in Canada decreased to more than ten percent. It has, however, rebounded. It may take you by surprise that Times Higher Education’s World University Ranking 2023 proclaims that there are thirty-one best universities in Canada. Seven of these best universities of Canada are among the top two hundred universities in the world.

What are the top seven Universities in Canada?

Let us know about the top seven Canadian Universities. Before starting, we should be aware that the University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia are the two institutions that won fame by their higher qualities of Academic practice.

University Of Toronto

According to reports, this university can rank among the top twenty universities in 2023. The largest library network in North America is at this university. This university has three campuses in total, which altogether has forty libraries. The location of the University Of Toronto is Ontario, which opened its first door in 1827. According to the reports, this university offers more than six-hundred undergraduate and more than two hundred graduate programs. Five Canadian prime ministers, ten Nobel laureates, and two great writers, Michael Ondaatje and Margaret Atwood, have been affiliated with this university.

Image: University of Toronto

University of British Columbia

UBC, the University of British Columbia, is the address for more than sixty thousand international students from more than one hundred and thirty-five countries. With two campuses in Vancouver and Okanagan, UBC has nineteen faculties. Eight Nobel prize winners, seventy-one Rhodes scholars, and sixty-five Olympic medalists have a connection with the University of British Columbia. The present prime minister Justin Trudeau and two other prime ministers had their education at UBC.

Image: University of British Columbia

McGill University

Probably the oldest University in Montreal is McGill University. As per the records, more than ten thousand students from one hundred and fifty countries come here to have their degrees. McGill provides more than three hundred degree-granting courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. McGill offers a variety of services for students. The nation’s first faculty of medicine got the address of McGill.

Image: McGill University

McMaster University

McMaster University is a World-renowned medical school. It is in Hamilton, Ontario. Students from more than ninety countries come here to take their degrees. This university bears their names because a banker and well-known Canadian senator named William McMaster gave C$900,000 to this organization. There are other faculties like humanities, social science, and more. McMaster University is world-famous for its research work, specifically in health science. McMaster University also serves more than seventy international exchanges with several other universities around the globe.

Image: McMaster University

University of Montreal

The University of Montreal is in Montréal, Québec. The overall rank is 111, as per the records. The University of Montreal is a research university and one of the largest university complexes in North America. The University of Montreal receives more than $500 as funds for research work. This university has eight campuses, which calls for more than sixty-five thousand students, including affiliated colleges.

Image: University of Montreal

University of Alberta

The University of Alberta is one of the largest universities in Canada, which is also a public research institute. This university has five campuses. Four are in Edmonton, the capital of Alberta, the main campus of The University of Alberta. The fifth campus is in Camrose. This university has a record of graduating more than seventy-five Rhodes scholars. Rhodes scholar is a famous postgraduate scholarship that covers the expenses of a scholar studying at the University of Oxford.

Image: University of Alberta

University of Calgary

The University of Calgary is also a public research institute in the city of Calgary. It had its establishment in 1966. This university has five campuses all together. Four of these campuses are in Calgary, Alberta. The other one is in Doha, Qatar. As per the records, this university operates more than forty research institutes and centers. BSD is a tradition at this university. Here, the final day of classes calls for this annual event.

Image: University of Calgary

There are several other famous Canadian universities. One of the famous universities is The University of Waterloo in Ontario, where one can find an enormous postsecondary co-op program. It is a program that pays students between $8,400 to $19,800 per work term in Canada. Undoubtedly, this program helps students in their studies, specifically in fields like business, engineering and science, health care, and education.

Some other Universities and their ranks.

Some other famous university names and their series are listed below.

University NameRank In Canada 2023Rank Around the Globe 2023
University of Ottawa7137
Western University8201-250
Université Laval11251-300
Queen’s University11251-300
Simon Fraser University11251-300
Dalhousie University14301-350
Table: List of some universities and their rank

Why study in Canada?

With its open hand, Canada welcomes lots of international students every year. People always get confused about the reason why one should choose Canada. 

To answer, an international student will be living highly like a Canadian inhabitant. Quality of living in Canada is globally in the third rank. One can also get the benefit of high-quality education and research.

An international student can also enjoy Canadian culture and social life along with its pleasant four seasons. Many universities offer co-op placement or internships along with students’ degrees, which is a great help to them. If you move to Canada for a degree, it will be recognized globally, which will help you make the career of your dreams.

Image: Study in Canada

What is the living cost for an international student in Canada?

The cost to check for a student in Canada varies, depending on the degree and the subjects. According to the statistics of Canada, the undergraduate program in Canada for an international student costs $6,800 (INR 550638.50) per year. Postgraduate programs for international students cost $21,100 (INR 1708598.88) per year. However, a one-year living cost in Canada is around C$15,948. In addition, many people think that living expenses in Canada are lower for international students than in the US.

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