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8 Smart Ways To Invest In Residential Property Suggested By Realtors

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Residential Property in Brampton

Looking for potential investment opportunities to invest your money? Nothing can generate better returns than investing your hard-earned money in real estate. With Canadian real estate booming like never before, trusted realtor in Brampton suggest investing in residential properties, homes, condos, apartments, and more for lucrative returns and stable growth of wealth. If you are looking for smart ways to invest in residential property, continue reading the points given below:

1. Buy Residential Real Estate

Consider purchasing residential real estate or properties such as single-family homes, condos, or apartments at posh localities or near to market or city as part of your investment strategy. Such properties are easy to give up on rent or lease and one can keep earning a consistent rental income along with a rise of property value as profit over the years.

2. Purchase A Vacation Property 

Vacation properties are gaining momentum as visitors or guests prefer living in short-term rentals or lavish properties, such as AirBnb’s that come with the ultimate luxury of bed and breakfasts. 

You can simply buy a vacation property at a popular tourist destination or consider intersecting a part of your residential dwelling and converting it into a vacation property. List it on major accommodation platforms and earn good rental income. This vacation home may end up becoming your retirement home later.

3. Invest In Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

REITs or Real Estate Investment Trusts are publicly traded companies that invest in income-generating real estate assets. By buying shares in a REIT or making an investment, you can actually give away your property for use by prospective clients who’ll not only use it but will also manage and take care of the property. 

In short, REITs will do the property management and rental handling, whereas you’ll get dividends and earn profits. Also, REITs allow you to invest in numerous properties rather than just one.

4. Invest In Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC)

MICs or Mortgage Investment Corporation allows potential investors to invest in mortgages and real estate projects by pooling funds in a mortgage pool with other investors. MICs provide the opportunity to diversify your real estate investments with smaller capital and higher returns. You don’t have to worry about closing costs and collections, rather get paid quarterly and earn profits.

5. Flip & Fix A Property

One of the most profitable investments nowadays is flipping and fixing an out-dated property, also known as distressed property. You can buy a house in Brampton that is in need of renovation at a low cost and renovate it exclusively to sell at higher costs. Also, you can consider buying foreclosed or auctioned homes as they are sold at a price less than the market value. 

To make sure you get good returns on your investment, conduct an in-depth property evaluation to find out whether renovations and repairs will yield the highest resale value or not.

6. Buy Ready To Build Land 

Nothing’s better than buying land. The quote, “Buy land, they don’t make it anymore” stands true here. Since real estate prices are rising at a steady pace, you can own a vacant land or residential property in Brampton and keep it aside until its value multiplies four to five folds in the coming decades. This valuable asset can turn out to be valuable when you are in dire need of money. You can even consider using it for recreational purposes or build on it.

7. Issue A Private Mortgage 

With mortgage rates skyrocketing every quarter, you can consider buying property or investing money in a private mortgage that will yield you long term profits in terms of interest rates. By becoming a private mortgage lender, you play the role of the bank and can charge an interest rate on the amount you lend to your borrowers. 

8. Make Real Estate Partnerships

You can partner with other investors or developers to make long-term real estate partnerships for projects you can’t afford to invest in individually. The larger the real estate investment is, better the profits you’ll earn over time. Make strategic real estate partnerships based on trust and get ready to generate real estate profits worth thousands of dollars.


Whether you are planning to buy a home in Brampton or looking to invest in a vacation property, real estate investment in all forms generates higher returns. Check out the property listings to buy a house at a reasonable price and sell it later for better profits. If not, MICs or REITs are the best options for you to invest in. 

Before investing in Canadian real estate, conduct thorough research and understand the market trends to make the right investment choice. For more information on real estate investment and property valuation, feel free to contact our experienced realtor in Brampton, Harpreet Rakhra.

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