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8 Most Asked Questions on ChatGpt and AI Bard

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Artificial intelligence (AI) software is a computer program that enables the use of AI to manage massive amounts of data and carry out tasks that call for human intelligence. NLP, text recognition, image identification, and video analytics are some software applications of artificial intelligence (AI). The strategic importance of AI technology is greatly expanding across businesses. Several businesses are using AI technologies to survive the market battle caused by massive competition.

Here are the eight most asked problem solving answers!

What type of AI is a chatbot?

Chatbots can incorporate artificial intelligence in a variety of ways. The most common ones are natural language processing (NLP), which powers the chatbot’s verbal capabilities, and machine learning (ML), which powers data and algorithms.

Which is the first AI chatbot?

Every great beginning should have a history behind them. Similarly, AI chatbot has a history. Do you know about the first AI chatbot in this world? I have your answer. The first AI chatbot in this world is ELIZA. Joseph Weizenbaum first developed ELIZA at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The name “Chatterbot” came into action in 1994. ELIZA works by recognising the keywords from the input to reproduce a response to recreate a reply by those keywords from pre-programmed responses. For example, a human would remark, “My mother makes delicious food.” ELIZA would choose the ‘mother’ as a keyword and end up giving an open-ended question, like, Tell me something about your family. Although being a machinery procedure, this gave the impression that a machine was comprehending and interacting with a person.

What AI chatbot is the best?

Among other AI Chatbots, Mitsuku has snatched the limelight. People claim that Mitsuku provides its audience with the most human-like talk all around the globe, among other AI chatbots. The chatbot has repeatedly won the Loenber Prize for offering the most human-like conversation. Pandorabot platform has constructed Mitsuku.

The features of Mitsuku are as follows.

  • Symbolic compression
  • A cycle of targeting for a more complex bot personality
  • Chat Log Retention 
  • Application API

Several other AI chatbots are also famous around the globe. They are as follows.

  • Botsify
  • Tidio
  • ProProfs ChatBots
  • Landbot
  • Freshchat
  • Salesforce
  • Podium
  • MobileMonkey

What is the smartest AI to talk to?

People claim that Mitsuku by Pandorabot platform provides the most human talk. But there are controversies about this question. Presently people are claiming that ChatGPT is the most dynamic AI chatbot. But will Bard by Google let ChatGPT win the AI race? Let us all wait and look out for the most awaited result.

What is Bard AI by Google?

People are already familiar with this name widely now. ChatGPT and Bard Ai by Google are the two limelight of the Internet today. But most people need clarification on what Google’s Bard AI is.

Bard AI by Google is the most recent experimental AI-powered chatbot. Bard is capable of responding to a variety of questions and requests in a conversational style. It is very similar to Open AI’s ChatGPT. Bard aims to produce original and excellent responses to the questions and queries of the audience by using web data. Bard isn’t currently available for users. Google Bard AI will be incorporated into Google Search and may be made available through its search bar.

How can we use the Google Bard AI chatbot?

It is simple to utilise Google Bard if you are a beta tester. To use the BARD AI chatbot, open the Google app on your smartphone and touch the chatbot icon. After giving your command, you must press the enter key.

The chatbot can then respond to your queries or demands. Google is continually working to extend and improve the chatbot’s capabilities to offer fresh and fun ways to connect with high-quality information.

What is ChatGPT?

Presently, the massive controversy in internet history is ChatGPT. Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer is the full name of ChatGPT. Open AI created this application in November 2022. Users can chat compassionately and do much more with this AI chatbot. Writing emails, articles, and computer code may become unchallenging with this. It may also give you the answers to any of your questions. It provides the audience with content, high-quality information, and content development assistance.

Is Google Bard better than ChatGPT?

It is hard to answer who is better as both are improving their features. But Bard will be more powerful because it will have the latest information. Google Bard will recurrently access the Internet for information. ChatGPT only includes data from more recent studies and sources from 2021.  

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